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Contributions & Comments (are welcome)


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WOODY said...

Hi Mel,
just found your blog, absolutely fantastic, thanks in advance for all your treasures you share here. Try to give some comments on your efforts when downloaded your proposals.
Again: Big thanks and greetings!

Kndnsk said...

Hello Melanchton !
Thank you so much for all your work here. I happen to dig the same guitarists you seem to enjoy, so here's something you might have already picked up, but just in case :
it's a great Jimmy Raney LP, never re-issued on CD, "Jimmy Raney in three attitudes"
It's a great thing that you have decided to open this contribution section, I hope more people will contribute. Please feel free to contact me if you wish.

Melanchthon said...

Thanks for your post.

Kndnsk said...

Hi Melanchton,
Here's another one :
Jimmy Raney Strings & Swings (1969)
Muse 5004
Produced by Jimmy Raney and Don Schlitten
Album cover photo by unknown


* Jimmy Raney - guitar
* Gene Orloff - violin
* Walter Trampler - viola
* Charles McCracken - cello
* Peter Ind/Jack Brengle - bass
* Nick Stabulas/John Roy - drums
* Bobby Jones - tenor sax
* Bob Lam - piano

suite for guitar quintet
hommage to bartok
misicale on main street
pari passu
bernie's tune
darn that dream
stella by starlight
round midnight

Kndnsk said...

PS. Melanchton, could you perhaps e-mail me? That would be great. Thanks for all your efforts.

Otis Foster said...

Great thanks and best wishes. By your labors we have all benefited, hopefully not unduly.

archer said...

dude!your output is astonishing. when do you eat, sleep, work, and.......?

thanks for everything, and for the clean, tasty, beautiful, and well constructed site.

merry christmas, and happy new year.

upkerry14 said...

John Abercrombie
w/ Trilok Gurtu + Rainer Brueninghaus
(dec 19, 1992)
Sendesaal WDR
Cologne, GER

fm recording in an "A" quality
aired by german WDR

1. Fireside (Bruninghaus) 15:22
2. Baba (Gurtu) 11:58
3. Timeless (Abercrombie) 14:19
4. Minimal 2 (Bruninghaus) 14:34
5. Raga Rag (Bruninghaus) 14:24

John Abercrombie - Guitar
Rainer Bruninghaus - Piano, Keyboards
Trilok Gurtu - Tablas, Voice, Percussion

upkerry14 said...

Arnett Cobb, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Johnny Griffin Sextet
Laren (Netherlands)
19840329 - March 29, 1984

Arnett Cobb ts, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis ts, Johnny Griffin ts,
Horace Parlan p, Jimmy Woode b
Butch Miles dr

01) 15:35 Bags' Groove
02) 06:56 Nearness of You (AC)
03) 06:41 Wave (ED)
04) 06:34 Sophisticated Lady (JG)
05) 06:52 On Green Dolphin Street
06) 12:07 Lester Leaps In / Theme

Source/Lineage/Quality: FM (Master Cassette rec. with the 2. Recorder of Mr. PP)
- Maxell XL II 90- Edirol R09 – HD – Magix XXL 2008 – flac – dime – A

upkerry14 said...

Finally! I had to switch the files to a Collector's Account or it could only be DL 10 times... What is up with RS? Too complicated....

Anyhow, enjoy...

Dave Holland 6tet
San Francisco CA
Set 1

1.Intros (2:55)
2.Ebb and Flow (16:22)
3.Lazy Snake (14:17)
4.Fast Track (10:33)
5.Procession (10:16)
6.River's Run (28:14)

Dave Holland-b
Steve Nelson-vibes/marimba
Antonio Hart-sop
Alex Scipiagan-tp/flhn
Robin Eubanks-tbn
Eric Harland-dr/perc

This is the second time I have used this setup and I think the results are very good. I'd give this an A-. There's a some minor recording volume adjustment in the first tune ( I can't hear it though) as I had no idea how loud this show was going to be since I've never seen Dave Holland before. I *plan* on recording all ten sets of Dave as he is here all week. Enjoy! Bill

AUD(left of stage 10ft, 2nd row, mics clipped to knees below table>Sony PCMD50 with 2 alligator clip cartoid mics>internal HD>HD via USB cable>CDWAV>TLH>FLAC

Jazzdigger said...


I recently discovered your fantastic blog and I would like to thank you for the enormous wealth of quality music shared here, brilliant!

Kind regards,


Radenko said...

Mike Moreno - Third Wish
Criss Cross jazz 1303

Mike Moreno - guitar
Kevin Hayes - piano, fender rhodes
Doug Weiss - bass
Kendrick Scott - drums

mp3, 320 kbps


Otis Foster said...


Are there invitations to visit the blog?

You can respond privately if you prefer.

Thanks, Otis

Kndnsk said...

Hello again,
Here's some very rare Warne Marsh. These are two very unusual jazz albums, called "the art of improvising", vol. 1 and 2, in that they are basically a collection of live performances that were edited by Lennie Tristano, so as to leave solos by Warne Marsh and nothing else ! In the process, contributions from Bill Evans and Lee Konitz were simply cut out. Lest all this should put you out, I should also mention that these efforts by Warne, backed by bassist Jimmy Garrison and drummer Paul Motian, are referred to by some musicians, especially saxophonists, as a kind of holy grail. Some tenor player once told me he thought there was enough here to keep any saxophonist busy and inspired for at least ten years ! Yes, Warne Marsh is definitely a musician's musician, and you also have to deal with the average sound of these Lp rips, but these two records are definitely worth your while if you're willing to accept them on their own terms.
I hope they will make some people happy anyway.
Revelation 22, Volume 1, part 1 :
Volume 1, part 2 :

Revelation 27 :


P.S. Melanchton, it would be great if you could find the time to contact me !

Christopher said...

The Warne Marsh is much appreciated.Thanks alot

smoothjasper said...

Underappreciated swing guitar pioneer -

George Barnes Quartet
“Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”
Acoustic Disc – ACD-52
FLAC w/ cover, book, & tray

1. Fascinatin’ Rhythm…2:08
2. Introductions…0:47
3. Why Was I Born?...2:53
4. When Sunny Gets Blue…4:45
5. Sweet Georgia Brown…3:52
6. Cheerful Little Earful…3:26
7. Theme From The Flintstones…
8. I May Be Wrong…3:26
9. Three Little Words…4:23
10. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore…4:26
11. Pick Yourself Up…2:42
12. Moonglow…6:40
13. Perdido…4:06
14. I Can’t Get Started…4:04
15. Blues Goin’ Up…3:29

George Barnes – guitar
Duncan James – guitar
Dean Reilly – bass
Benny Barth – drums
Produced by Larry Cummings
Recorded at The Willows Theater, Concord California, July 27, 1977.

Review by Ken Dryden
George Barnes has been unjustly overlooked by fans of jazz guitar, since he spent a good
portion of his career as a studio musician, but the initial appearance in 2003 of this
previously unreleased 1977 concert (recorded just a few months prior to his death) adds
an important final chapter to his recorded legacy. Barnes leads his brand new quartet
(with fellow guitarist Duncan James, bassist Dean Reilly, and drummer Benny Barth)
through a delightful program of standards ("Sweet Georgia Brown," "Moonglow," and
"Why Was I Born?"), gems from the vast Duke Ellington band book ("Don't Get Around
Much Anymore" and "Perdido"), as well as the popular "Theme From the Flintstones."
Barnes' fluid playing and that of his group make them sound as if they had been together
far longer. The excellent sound by engineer Larry Cummings is identical to the mix heard
by the audience that very evening. The warm, detailed liner notes by Barnes' daughter,
Alexandra Barnes Leh, add a nice touch to this highly recommended release.


Scoredaddy said...

Mel, I received your e-mail. Thanks. Please ignore my "Who are You?" question. I realized it was from you. Thanks for all your great work here!!!

archer said...

smoothjasper, much gratitude for the george barnes. i had never heard or heard of him before. great player.

Angelo said...

The Charlie Parker quintet was in Paris in May, 1949. The two tunes bellow were recorded in Paris on May 15, 1949 and the tenor sax is credited to James Moody. However, listening with some care we can note that is Parker playing (tenor!!!) here:

[ ]'s

KungFuTrumpet said...

Just discovered your blog -- splendid one.



KungFuTrumpet said...

i loooooooove this blog. gimme more of that.

archer said...

melanchthon, the last comment, "i loooove this blog", is not from me, although i do love this blog.

all comments actually from me will be associated with this blogger profile number: 11946357592832816026

i have had someone using my name to cause mischief lately.


KungFuTrumpet said...

really , archer? i'm not so sure about you.

KungFuTrumpet said...

quite a shady individual, that archer. see also his connection to CIA.

the jazzman said...

Has anyone out there heard of this album?

francis-alfred moerman gitan and tzigane magie de la guitare

Xapy Nono said...

Hi Mel,

I found out about your blog : absolutely mindboggling!!! High quality,difficult to find records!! A great many thanks for the sharing.

Given the quality of the site and your obvious preference for guitar, there is not much I can offer. But one might be interested in 'early' Russell Malone (sounds like Wes):

Black Butterfly (1993) FLAC no scans (no scanner avaialble!)

Enjoy and keep up the great work

blabberblabber said...

Kndnsk above points out the live recordings that Tristano butchered for the glory of Marsh's solos. It's good to note that the recordings, in their original glory are now references in this blog and can be found here:

Bon appetit!

Kndnsk said...

@BlabberBlabber: well, actually, the two volumes I posted are Warne solos from more than forty songs, a lot more than the number of songs on "Live at the Half Note", which is a great 2-cd set. Most of the solos by Marsh on the latter are also on "the art of improvising 1 & 2", but not all. I sure enjoy the complete performances with Bill Evans and Lee Konitz, but Warne Marsh's solos are incredible, original, and very rewarding, if you're willing to accept the recording on their own term. Musicians, for one thing, won't complain too much, I'll wager. Cheers.

jazzmaniac said...

Dear Melanchton,

thank you for your wonderful blog.
Maybe some people are interested
in my posts.
Al Cohn/Joe Newman/Freddie Green:
Mosaic Select
See all datas on the Mosaic Page!



Charles Lloyd+Gabor Szabo:
Waves Atlantic 1972

Gabor Szabo +Charles Lloyd:
Live 1974

Dave Pell Octet:
I had the craziest dream 1955

Grant Green:
Live at Club Mozambique 1970
Blue Note
Has anyone
Pepper Adams: The Adams effect

Otis Foster said...

jazzmaniac - thanks for your contributions. The Grant Green is new to me.

I have the Adams Effect somewhere. Let me find it for you. Because of my schedule, it may be several days.

jazzmaniac said...

Otis Foster
No problem. I have searched the
LP One year, so i can wait smile.
thank you very much

jazzmaniac said...

@ Otis Foster:
Do you own even Pepper Adams:
Ephemera Spotlite
and California Cookin´?
that would be unbelievable.
We could exchange something.
I could send you my list of recordings okay?

Scoredaddy said...

Hey Mel - we miss you! Are you still around?

Xapy Nono said...

I guess the weekend was sunny enough to distract any jazz lover either from his hifi set or from his PC! Be that as it may, we do miss you, Mel!

jpo said...

ello mel
thanks for this amazing blog and all the hard to find guitar stuff!!!
wondering if anyone has ed bickert's "i wished on the moon?"
99 US on amazon and really hard to find quartet record by one of the best guitarists most of the world never heard of!

thanks for everything!

jazzmaniac said...

for jpo and melanchton
I have uploaded my superb LP-Rip
for Ed Bickert:I wished on the moon
Hier klicken, um die Datei zu laden

the jazzman said...

Thank you jazzmaniac.....been looking for that.

Melanchthon said...

Thanks, jazzmaniac for your post by request. Great music.

archer said...

jazzmatic, i only just heard of ed bickert the other day, and the mention was highly laudatory, so i'm looking forward to checking this.

much gratitude.

the jazzman said...

jazzmaniac....went to play the album and it seems that two tracks are missing. "I Wished On The Moon" and "I'll Never Stop Loving You". Can you help???

archer said...

jazzmaniac, sorry for getting you mixed up with jazzmatic.

looking forward to the missing links.

jpo said...

wow--ask and ye shall recieve! i knew someone on this amazing blog would be hip to ed bickert.
im dloading right now but hoping the above tracks are ok????
anyhow cheers!!!!!!!!

jazzmaniac said...

Sorry guys . I have only these
tracks. I have sold my Linn LP12
and my Lp´s and there is no chance
to get the missing track.I think
it is only " i wished on the moon
But anyway: better than nothing

jpo said...

thanks all! dloading the new link now-- too bad it aint 320 but beggars cant be choosers!!!
thnx again ;)

jpo said...

btw, can anyone enlighten me on how to decompress the jimmy raney files at the top of this comment chain???
i'm trying to use stuffit expander for mac and it aint working...

Neal said...

A small contribution in gratitude for the treasures you've provided: Manny Albam's 1957 Coral label recording of "West Side Story" arrangements, which is not on cd. Bernstein was reportedly a fan of these arrangements. This is from a fairly good lp copy. Files are Flac format

I seem to have left cover scans out of these files, but they can be seen here:


archer said...

thanks for that, neal.

very cool cover photo. as i was reading the liner notes i noticed that steven sondheim, whose stuff i have never liked, co-wrote west side story--i'm guessing the lyrics. off to wikipedia to find out. amazing that i never noticed that before.

archer said...

jpo, can't help you with mac specific suggestions, but if you can run winrar or alzip or 7zip itself on your mac, you can unpack 7z files

blue said...


and try the p7zip 4.61

I'm not sure what version I'm using but it works every time beautifully!

jazzmaniac said...

Hello Melanchton,

can you refresh the links for the
compilation "Musik Deutscher
zigeuner (8 Cd´s).
thank you

jpo said...

thanks for the 7zip tip-- for some reason i had to select it --i did have it and most of the posts on this blog open automatically with it-- anyhow--still trying to open the three attitudes files.
meantime, here's a link from the 7 sisters Muse site for a nice scan of the original album cover of Strings and swings:

jazzy62 said...

There are 2 Kenny Burrell albums I've been trying to find, but I have not been lucky so far. Actually, I did find links at another blog, but they were dead. The albums are: Both feet on the ground, and Generation (1986). At least for the 1st I noticed you thanked the blogger, so maybe you still have a file you could upload? Both are long out of print..thank you in advance!

the jazzman said...

Both of those Kenny Burrell albums you are looking for can be found here:

jazzy62 said...

Thank you very much jazzman! And also, a big thank you for your effort to find Night Song!

Sandflyer said...

Ed Bickert...
I lived in Toronto for a looong time, so I'm biased.
My guitar teacher actually preferred Bickert to Jim Hall.
And the Telecaster he played. I saw him a number of times in clubs around Toronto. Very nice guy, very human.
Too bad he's so hard to find. I have a few things recorded on cassettes (by my gtr teacher), but tha albums are not easy to find.

ZM-JazzRock said...

Cher Mel and "Sic Vos Non Vobis" visitors and followers,
Find below couple contributions from my blog, that I think you'll enjoy:

a) Alternate Kind of Blue: A+ SBD bootleg:


b) Derek Trucks Band Live (DVD Audio rip):


I really hope you and your visitors enjoy these two albums.
Regards from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kent said...

Freddie Webster Compilation - 1941-1947

Tracks and basic credits:

Earl Hines & His Orchestra, 1941:

01 Windy City Jive 2:52
02 Swingin' On C 3:09
03 Yellow Fire 3:03

Louis Jordan & His Tympani Five, 1941:

04 Brotherly Love 3:00
05 Saxa-Woogie 2:36

Jimmy Lunceford & His Orchestra, 1942:

06 Knock Me A Kiss 3:00
07 Bust Out 1:40

Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra, 1942:

08 I Want A Tall Skinny Papa 2:51
09 Savoy 3:02

Benny Carter & His Orchestra, 1943:

10 Rose Room 3:00
11 Sweet Georgia Brown 2:30

Jimmy Lunceford & His Orchestra, 1944:

12 Yesterdays 5:44
13 Minor Riff 2:49

Miss Rhapsody, 1945:

14 He May Be Your Man 2:56
15 The Night Before Judgement Day 2:53
16 I Fell For You 3:00

Frank Socolow Quintet with Bud Powell, 1945:

17 Reverse The Charges 2:49
18 The Man I Love 3:16
19 September In The Rain 2:46

Sarah Vaughan, 1946:

20 If You Could See Me Now 2:50
21 I Can Make You Love Me If You'll Let Me 3:07
22 You're Not The Kind Of A Boy 2:46
23 My Kinda Love 2:38
24 Tenderly (1947) 3:02

mel said...

A request: you are a Scriabin specialist - would you by any chance have a recording of hos Piano Concerto in F Sharp minor Op. 20 to share?


porco rosso said...

Wow, this blog seems to be jazz guitar fan's paradise! Thanks for all the work done here. May i ask, if you happen to have any Lenny Breau?

Check out my recently started blog for some jazz guitar related shares like Bob Brookmeyer with Jim Hall: 7x Wilder, Chico Hamilton with Gabor Szabo: El Chico and Klaus Doldinger with Attila Zoller: In South America

PgUpPgDn said...

Lenny Breau?,-Lenny-Breau-Discografia.html

What a waste, this canadian genius was killed!?

porco rosso said...

@ PgUpPgDn

this was fast!
Thanks a lot for your immediate answer. Yes, he was strangled and the case is still unsolved.

Otto and Felix said...


Thanks for sharing a great archive. You wouldn't have any Maria Yudina recordings by any chance?

Melanchthon said...

I Have an Harmonia Mundi (Grands Pianistes russes) - She Plays Schubert (Impromptus op. 90) & Stravinski (Sonata & Sérénade). I'll post this cd if you want. Go there, too :

jazzlover said...

Cher ami, this is my modest contribution for your faultless blog. For many month you give to my simple blog many contribution, you have everything in jazz and this is my difficulty. But below are two links that i'm shure you will appreciate: The Chet Baker's record is with a belgian guitar player Philip Catherine,a very great work of Chet,Catherine and Jean Luis Rassinfosse on Bass the lable is Criss Cross, [full scans].
The other link is from Tad Jones in a great work with Pepper Adams.
I'm looking forward to one day be ready for post some coments and links in my modest blog, at this moment i'm busy in my job and have no much time to dedicate. Enfin, la vie se marche...

Chet Baker Trio - Chet's Choice (1985)

Thad Jones with Pepper Adams Quintet - Mean What You Say (1966)

Herve said...

Hello Mel,
I'm becoming fully addicted to your Blog. Thousand thanks for all those great posts. I went, so far, through Henri Crolla, Howard Roberts. This is real source of History and Quality, I'm discovering, rediscovering those great guys. Your contribution to Jazz history, memory and the Guitar is fantastic and helful for a guitar player like me. It's a unique place in the world! I really enjoyed the Crolla's recordings, and there is no other place like this one. All my best to you. RVL

inamist said...

I couldn't agree more with RVL. Make his words also mine and if you don't know it give a try to the following, I think you will like it...

Swing A La Turc

Swing A La Turc gets its inspiration from the idea that ‘the most important common denominator for Turkish music and jazz is improvisation’. The group uses harmonies of Turkish music originating from Istanbul to create an original form of jazz. Fronted by Onder Focan, Swing A La Turc boasts a repertoire of Turkish tunes by musicians from Istanbul, as well as Focan’s own compositions with the same style and approach.

Önder Focan (g), A. Şenol Filiz (ney), Şenova Ülker (tp), Erdal Akyol (b), Ediz Hafızoğlu (d)

1. Cici Kız - Cutie (Erol Sayan)
2. Lal (Oniki) (Fahir Atakoğlu)
3. Gönül Sana Tapalı - Since I've Been Loving You (Sadettin Kaynak)
4. Geçti Bahar - Spring Is Over (Fehmi Tokay)
5. Sen - You (Birol Yayla)
6. Bahar Geldi - Spring Is Here (M. Sebahattin Ezgi)
7. Karlı Dağın Ormanı (Zülfü Livaneli)
8. Canberra Zortlatması - Caberra Tune (Önder Focan)
9. Kaçsam Bırakıp - If I Leave You (Mehveş Hanım)

flac & scans:

cooljazz said...

Hi everyone, I would like to invite everybody to visit my new blog. It won't be a prolific one, but you may find something interesting from time to time. Above all, I want to thank Mr. Melancthon to allow me to advertise on his exceptional blog. Thank you.

Drumroll at:

jazzlover said...

Here my friend,more one contribution for yours effort in this fantastic Blog:
Philip Catherine - Stream 1972 with scans

The guitarists first album from 1971

Philip Catherine - guitar
Marc Moulins - keyboards
Giggs Whigham - trombone
Freddy Deronde - bass
Freddy Rothier - drums

hope you apreciate !

yotte said...

Amazing... I just found your site and I'm rubbing my eyes in disbelief over the sheer number of beautiful albums you've shared. I can see already that visiting your page will be an excercise in restraint -- too much awesomeness to absorb. I have just picked up the two Jim Hall/Ron Carter duo albums and can't wait to give them a listen. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

neil said...

I am consistently, endlessly, indubitably gobsmacked by your excellent, erudite and esoteric posts...

Scoredaddy said...

good to see you back, Mel

jazzuk said...

Likewise....good to see you back!

Kndnsk said...

Please come back for good !

the jazzman said...

Missed you. Thanks for coming back.

chris said...

Same here. Welome back

Jaffa said...

Checking my mails is often a rather dull duty - seeing you're blog back is A TRUE PLEASURE!!!
Keep going, Mel !

Orbyt said...

Welcome back Mel. Wasn't the same without you!

mel said...

Welcome back!

- mel468

jazzy62 said...

Nice to see you again!

moha said...


lcbriza said...

Fantastic to have you back, Mel. Keep going!

kike said...

Dear Melanchthon, how i miss your blog! welcome back!!

Keep up the great job!

Kike :)

Anonymous said...

Alas you're back. Cooljazz

Anonymous said...

welcome home Mel

Neal said...

So glad every thing worked out and you are back!

Ruud said...

I like this blog, hope you accept my gifts ;)


miles davis - sorcerer (1998)

miles davis - in a silent way (2002)

miles davis - porgy and bess (1997)

miles davis - the complete bitches brew sessions (2004)

thanks for all the great uploads.

Ruud :)

neil said...

This will be at CIA Contributions shortly, but you're welcome to repost here...
Warne Marsh + Red Mitchell / Duo
Fresh Sound FSCD-1038

1. It's You Or No One (J.Styne-S.Cahn) 5:16
2. Gone With The Wind (A.Wrubel-H.Magidson) 5:52
3. Everything Happens To Me (M.Dennis-T.Adair) 6:24
4. Cherokee (R.Noble) 5:49
5. Sippin' At Bells (C.Parker) 5:56
6. Easy Living (R.Rainger-L.Robin) 6:59
7. These Foolish Things 
(J.Strachey-H.Link-H.Marvell) 5:21
8. Topsy (E.Durham-E.Battle) 4:41

Warne Marsh: tenor sax
Red Mitchell: bass
Recorded at Sweet Basil, New York City, 5 June 1980

FLAC + 300 dpi scans

Phil from Germany said...

Just wanted to say "thank you" for all those amazing posts!!! so much unbelievable music i didn't it!

btw, i'm desperately searching for years now for that Ruth Price/Johnny Smith LP ("Ruth Price Sings With The Johnny Smith Quartet")...anybody out there who has got it?

Greetings from Germany,


the jazzman said...

Phil from Germany desperate are you? A little desperate? A lot desperate? About to jump from a bridge desperate? Just kidding you.

I'm ripping the album right now and will get it into rapidshare as soon as I can. It should be in this space by tomorrow, if not sooner.

Phil from Germany said...

Hey jazzman,
sorry for my bad english...;)
but having you posting the album here is just...gorgeous/fantastic/wonderful/fabulous!!!
Thank you so much!

the jazzman said...

Enjoy it Phil......




Phil from Germany said... made my day!

neil said...

Just got around to unpacking the links for Laredo's Scriabin piano sonatas, for which thanks
However, CD 1 seems to end at track 10, when there are 21 tracks listed in your post.
Is there a separate link for tracks 11 to 21?

neil said...

My bad! Thought I'd unpacked both CD 1 files; of course, everything's there...

Anonymous said...

in appreciation of the claudio arrau chopin 3rd sonata, a recent version by marc-andré hamelin. tinyurl,, rs.

jazzlover said...

Hi Mel, realy great have you around.Above some great work from Joe Gordon, rare album:

A fine bop-oriented trumpeter, Joe Gordon's tragic death in a fire cut short any chance he had at fame in the jazz world.
He became a professional in 1947 and had stints with Georgie Auld, Lionel Hampton, Charlie Parker (on an occasional basis during 1953-1955),
Art Blakey (1954), and Don Redman. Gordon was with Dizzy Gillespie's 1956 big band, touring the Mideast, and getting a solo on "Night in Tunisia.
" He was in the Horace Silver quintet, moved back to Boston for a period, and then relocated to Los Angeles where he worked and recorded with
Barney Kessel, Benny Carter, Harold Land, Shelly Manne, Dexter Gordon, and Shelly Manne (1958 -1960).
Joe Gordon, who led dates for EmArcy (1955) and Contemporary (1961),
was on one Thelonious Monk recording and spent his last few years as a freelance musician.

Joe Gordon did not live long, only making it to 35. His second of two recordings as a
leader (originally released by Contemporary) finds him on the verge of leading his own group.
Gordon wrote all eight of the selections and is joined by adventurous but obscure altoist Jimmy Woods, pianist Dick Whittington, bassist Jimmy Bond, and drummer Milt Turner.
Although the solos are generally more memorable than the tunes, this is an excellent effort that hints at what might have been had Joe Gordon lived.

jazzmaniac said...

Hello Mel,

here is a fine Bethlehem
Bobby Scott:The Compositions of
Bobby Scott BCP 8
Can anyone share one of these?
The many angels of John Letman BCP6053
Eddie Shu/Bob Hardaway:Jazz Practitioners BCP4
The Six-The View´s from Jazzbo´s Head BCP 57
Tony Ortega:Jazz for Young Modern BCP57
Tommy Watt:Watt´s Cooking BCP6002

jazzmaniac said...

Oh, i forgot the link for Bobby Scott

rowgatien said...

Un disque avec Joe Puma à la guitare. Thank you Melanchton and contributors.
Candido Camero / Candido (1956)
Verve B0002020-02
01;Mambo Inn
02;I'll Be Back For More
03;Stompin' At The Savoy
04;Candi Bar
07;Indian Summer
08;Candido's Camera
10;Cheek To Cheek

Candido Camero - Bongos, Conga
Al Cohn - Sax(Tenor)
Dick Katz - Piano
Whitey Mitchell - Bass
Joe Puma - Guitar
Todd Sommer - Drums

Review by Ken Dryden
This album, first issued by ABC-Paramount, marked Cuban percussionist Candido Camero's recording debut as a leader, and while he obviously has a prominent role, these 1956 sessions represent far more than a vehicle for his conga and bongo playing. The band includes the always inspired tenor saxophonist Al Cohn, pianist Dick Katz, bassist Whitey Mitchell, guitarist Joe Puma, and drummer Ted Sommer. The selections include gems from the swing era, show tunes, and originals, all of which swing like mad. The group is at its very best in the driving "Stompin' at the Savoy," due to its inspired solos and the tradeoffs between Cohn and the leader (on bongos). Puma contributed the easygoing "Candi Bar," while Sommer's "Candido's Camera" is a snappy vehicle showcasing Candido and Al Cohn. One can easily imagine enjoying the lively interpretation of "Perdido" in a Cuban nightclub. The leader's march-like tempo introducing "Poinciana" suggests Ravel's Bolero before he relaxes his cadence into a more swinging setting. A romp through "Cheek to Cheek" provides a satisfying finale to a very enjoyable CD. Finally reissued in the summer of 2004, this remastered Verve limited edition should be considered essential for fans of Latin jazz.

Flac + scans + cue

Melanchthon said...

Thanks all for your contributions here.

jimmy said...

Hi everyone, I'm looking for Bobby Hutcherson's Cruisin' the Bird. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Great blog!!!

Dave Cliff is a fantastic british jazz guitar player. Here's the link to his Cd Sippin' at Bell's. Great playing and great tunes.

Does anybody have Ed Bickert's Bye, Bye Baby? I've been looking for that one for a long time. I don't know if it ever came out on Cd.

the jazzman said...

Bye, Bye, Baby-Ed Bickert

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, jazzman.

Maybe you'll enjoy this other Cd by Dave Cliff, playing the mucic of Tadd Dameron.

jazzuk said...

Hey Anonymous! Thanks for the Dave Cliff. Great stuff much appreciated.

Also continued thanks to Melanchthon

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have Peter Bernstein Trio "Monk"?


One of the last recording sessions that Ed Bickert did.

Mike Murley's Live at the Senator

the jazzman said...

Anonymous....thanks for the Dave Cliff. Like it.

Anonymous said...


Then you'll enjoy Dave Cliff with Howard Alden!

the jazzman said...

Anonymous....listening to it now. Grand!!!!!

Do you have their other duo album "Everything I Love"?

the jazzman said...

Anonymous....I forgot. I have Everything. Do you want it here?

Anonymous said...


Yes please, I love to listen to that one!

I know Dave Cliff has some dates as a sideman on the Zephyr label.

For instance,

Warren Vaché: THE BEST THING FOR YOU - (2001)
Warren Vaché: I CAN'T GET STARTED - (2008)

I don´t have any of those. Do you?

Anonymous said...

British guitar player Jim Mullen in a very bluesy date led by Mike Carr. Mullen's fretwork is top notch.

Mike Carr Quartet & Trio - Good Times and the Blues

the jazzman said...

Alden and Cliff

You can google it for cover picture and tracks.

I may have one or both of the Warren Vache. Will check.

Anonymous said...

Thanks jazzman. Dave Cliff plays wonderfully!

Maybe you'll enjoy Sean Levitt ( He was really talented and a wonderful bop guitar player. It's a pity he lefts us too soon.

01. November Song 6:12
02. Jeanine 6:26
03. Hating Call 6:44
04. Blues At Yesterdays 8:31
05. My Ideal 5:40
06. So In Love 5:48
07. The Fruit 7:00

PlantDoctor53 said...

Hi mel - many thanks for all that you are sharing. I am enjoying your blog immensely. I have been reading Michael Dregni's book on Gypsy Jazz and was wondering whether you had "Oe Djoevia" by Bamboula Ferret. I think it is from 1998. Many thanks - Alan

stringbender said...

Thank you so much for this amazing blog. I am enjoying it very much.

Kind regards,


PlantDoctor53 said...

Juan Calle’s Mazel Tov, Mis Amigos is getting attention on National Public Radio for an upcoming CD release.

zeta said...

here two Larry Coryell's, both in FLAC, sorry have my scan out of duty for artwork

The Dragon Gate

Dragon Gate
Giant Steps
Sunset on Soweto
West Coast Blues
Molly's Lament
Back Bay Blues
And She Loved Him
Bottleneck Blackout
Things Ain't What They Used to Be
Snow Prince

Laid Back and Blues (live)

No More Booze Minor Blues
Intro to Tracey
Gimme One Reason
Body and Soul
Intro to Straight No Chaser
Straight No Chaser
Denver in April
The Dragon's Grate
Not Exactly Like BB


Sadwalk said...

Jazzman, thank you for Ruth Price album. I'm looking for her cd with Shelly Mann... By chance...? Cheers


jazzuk said...



Larry said...

The Graas looks great, Mel -- thanks for that -- anything with Marty Paich on it is bound to be first-rate, and this has some other fine players on it as well. I did a quick search and didn't see Paich's 1957 release THE PICASSO OF BIG BAND JAZZ, so...

320 :
flac :


laconico said...


FLAC + scans

1.The Hippie
2.My Old Flame
3.Have You Met Miss Jones
4.Everytime We Say Goodbye
6.Two Five Jive
7.I Love You
8.All The Things You Are

Melanchthon said...

Thank You all for the latest contributions

Melanchthon said...

Laconico, I cannot extract the tracks 3 of your West Coast's post.

laconico said...

Melanchthon,in this case you have track 3 in waw.

Otis Foster said...


What a find! I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for doing it in lossless format. Here's some discographical information, from Tom Lord - Otis.

Fire And Filigree : Curtis Fuller (tb) Sal Nistico (ts) Walter Bishop, Jr. (p) Sam Jones (b) Freddie Waits (d)
New York, December 6, 1978

Minor's holiday
Bee Hive BH7007

Ballade for Gabe Wells

Hello young lovers

The Egyptian two


Blue Monk

jazzshrink said...

Some further info on "Fire and Filigree":

Recorded at Master Sound Studios, Franklin Square, New York on December 6, 1978
Production: Jim Neumann/(First name?) Norsworthy
Cover Art: Hank Hechtman
Layout Assistance: Dick Sorensen
Photography: Joe Rizzi

Bee Hive Records
1130 Colfax Street
Evanston, IL 60201

Aside from the songs on Johnny Hartman's LP "Once In Every Life" that were featured on the "Bridges of Madison County" soundtrack, none of the material released on the Beehive label has been reissued. I personally know the man who owns this catalog, and he has resisted repeated urgings to reissue the music himself or to let someone else do it for him. Sad.

Kndnsk said...

Thanks, grumpy, for Neo/Nistico. I have this one, but I had forgotten about it. It's a great record, Sal has some great solos, on Anthropology and Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum most notably if I remember well.

Bhowani said...

Thousand thanks, Grumpy, for your work with the Nistico !

Kndnsk said...

Thank you again, grumpy, this time for the Sonny Criss! Seems you're on a roll. Yes, I'm discovering that there are gems from all periods, really.

peris said...

Thank all gyus for the great shares.
my apologies for not posting always a simple "thanks" but that's not what i feel for Mel and others.
Any hope for the followings
1. Bill Perkins Bossa nova w/ strings attached
2. MJQ with orchestra cond G Schuller
3. Johnny Smith both LPs missing from Mosaic (both with strings)

Thank you all!

neil said...

Heard of Pat Azzara? Me, neither, until this re-release of a couple of Willis Jackson albums.

Willis Jackson with Pat Martino / Gravy - Prestige PRCD-24254-2

"Although he was just 31 when these recordings were made on two consecutive dates in May 1963, tenor saxophonist Willis Jackson had been something of a rhythm ’n’ blues star for 15 years. But Jackson (1932–1987), who signed with prestige in 1959, was moving ever more steadily in a jazzier direction, albeit with a style that drew strongly on his blues-saturated roots. The two LPs combined herein [Grease ’n’ Gravy / The Good Life] demonstrate what Jackson’s tight, powerful little band of the early 1960s did best: exultant shuffles and medium-bounce jazz-blues, testifyin’ tenor features, and balladic or Latin-tinged renderings of the most popular show tunes and ballads of the day. Add future guitar giant Pat Martino (then known as Pat Azzara, and already a fully mature stylist despite being just 18 years old) and you have a flavourful GRAVY that complements the nourishing meat and potatoes on this menu.”

Also features some soulful organ from Carl Wilson.

Track listing: Brother Elijah/ Doot Dat/ Stompin’ At the Savoy/ Gra-a-a-vy/ Grease/ Days of Wine and Roses/ As Long As She Needs Me/ Fly Me To the Moon/ Angel Eyes/ Troubled Times/ Walk Right In.
Personnel: Willis Jackson- tenor saxophone; Carl Wilson- organ; Frank Robinson- trumpet; Pat Martino- guitar; Leonard Gaskin- bass; Joe Haddick- drums. Recorded: May 23 & 24, 1963, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

FLAC + 300 dpi scans

neil said...

Thanks, grumpy for the Curtis Fuller 'Fire & Filigree', and the Bee-Hive Sal Nistico. Much appreciated...

grumpy said...

And thank you neil for the Willis Jackson.

Melanchthon said...

Good job Grumpy, nice share, thank You !

cheeba said...

Thanks so much grumpy! Really appreciate the share and your help in gettingthe facts straighter at soundological.

As a thanks, here's the Sonny Red MRL in FLAC:

Sonny Red in FLAC:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

cvllos said...

Dear Jazz Fellow Melanchton
I would like to give back the post you shared of Bernard Peiffer, this wonderful and so under appreciated piano player; here it goes a conversion into flac taken from a vinyl edited by Decca here in Brasil; hope you like it:

grumpy said...

Thanks cvllos for the Peiffer, appreciate the scans.

Melanchthon said...

Thank You cvllos, this is an appreciate share here...

cvllos said...

To Mel & Grumpy
I owe you a regret for the low quality of Decca acetate; although my effort to "clean" there`s always some noyse among the marvelous interpretations of this under evaluated master.
BTW did you notice Peiffer`s photo together with Richie Powell? Amazing!

rowgatien said...

Charlie Byrd
The Guitar Artistry of Charlie Byrd (1960)
2006 CD JVC Victor 41576
Keter Betts: Bass
Charlie Byrd: Guitar, Arranger
Buddy Deppenschmidt: Drums

neil said...

Scut Y'Know(it all) deems this a "not essential release", but then he obviously can't fully appreciate the country gospel/blues inspired compositions which make up this album. Drummer Freddie Waits provides inventive percussion as well as good time, admirably complemented by George Mraz on both plucked and [?] bowed bass. One wonders just what would have transpired if [Sir] Roland Hanna was included on the session. A very different kettle of fish to 'The Arrival of Bobby Jones' (recorded a couple of years earlier, just after his break-up with Mingus), though he does also play some tasty clarinet on this LP as well. Sadly, only a few years later (1980), he died, having given up playing because of emphysema...



Bobby Jones: clarinet, tenor sax
George Mraz: bass
Freddie Waits: drums

Recorded at TRIXI-Studio, Munich, 30 August 1974

Ripped from vinyl: mp3 tracks + 300 dpi album scans

neil said...

Ah, grumpy, how you warm my heart with OP Blue Note posts. Can't wait to hear the Dizzy Reece. many thanks...

grumpy said...

rowgatien, thanks for the superb Japanese issue of the classic Charlie Byrd.

mvelveretro said...

Hello! Congratulations along with a huge thank for all your great work. I was trying to find out where can I make do a request -if it's possible! So, since i didn't find a place I decided to post it here: Could it be possible to upload through your favorite and great FLAC -along with a little help of rapidshare, "Quincy Jones-Quincy Jones explores the music of Henry Mancini" and "Freddie Hubbard-Blues for Miles"? I hope that it will be possible! Thank in advance!


Martin said...

Thanks a lot, grumpy, for your superb posts.

Melanchthon said...

Grumpy, thanks a lot for Hank Mobley and especially the Dempsey Wright posts. Great share.

neil said...

My thanks too, grumpy, for the Mobley share...

cheeba said...

grumpy, thanks so much for pointing me to the Lou Donaldson sides!

Also big thanks for the MJT+3. I included Walter Perkins' discog in my Stan Hope post a few weeks back and was unable to find his stuff anywhere at the time.

You are top shelf!

Publius said...

Hat tip to grumpy for the Keno Duke ; been after that one for some time .

Larry said...

There are a lot of great guitarists posted here - it seems to be one of your favorite areas, Mel. I noticed a couple of Gabor Szabo recordings, but not [i]Dreams[/i], his 1968 release that's long been my favorite of I thought I'd offer it up.

Enjoy, all...

320 :
flac :

corelio said...

Parabéns pela excelente qualidade e bom gosto do Blog.
Abração e sorte!

Bhowani said...

Thank you Larry !

Érico Cordeiro said...

Dear Melanchton,

Congratulations. Your blog is fantastic. Great records, great artists!!!

I'd like to invite to know the JAZZ + BOSSA + BARATOS OUTROS (something like JAZZ + BOSSA + OTHER STUFFS):

I'll be back!!!!
Best wishes to you and your great blog!!!

jazzmaniac said...

At Grumpy:

the Link for the Lou Donaldson
Rough house blues doesn´t work.
Seems to be incomplete. I am very
much interested in this LP, so please could you send it again?

neil said...

A big thank you to you, grumpy, for 'Pepper Adams 5182 Reflectory'. Already had a vinyl rip of this, but yours is immeasurably superior!

neil said...

Immeasurably superior, quality-wise; but I think you've transposed the titles of tracks 1 and 5!

grumpy said...

Apologies to all, I blame the cat!
Thanks, neil, for pointing out the track mislabelling, and jazzmaniac the correct link is:

grumpy said...

Thanks Larry for Dreams, I've never heard this before but I feel it might be the best thing he ever recorded!

stringbender said...

I have found some fabulous music on this blog and wanted share one of my favorites, Bill Mays & Red Mitchell "Two of A Mind." Enjoy!

neil said...

Love the Shorty Rogers cover, grumpy; they don't seem to built ladies like that any more!

stringbender said...

Thank you Grumpy for the Shorty side.

Melanchthon said...

Thank You, grumpy

Orbyt said...

Absolutely wonderful shares everyone! Thank you all.

Ric said...

concerning yr September, 24 post of Sonny Red Out of the Blue I am sorry to inform you that in the first track (0'.50'', at 50 seconds from the beginning) there is a mistracking, seeming to a problem that the pick-up had in tracking a damaged vinyl.

Or is it due to a bad download from my part ?


Bhowani said...

thank you so much Grumpy for these Shorty Rogers !

swingingduck said...

Grumpy, thank you for Shorty Rogers albums.

Tibau said...

An amazing blog.
Regards from Brazil.

cvllos said... is my turn: your contribution on Shorty Rogers recordings is astonishing!
Many thanks for your taste and share them with us!

ramson said...

OOOPSSS!!...I have been missing this section since long time...I'm dummy.

Great thanks for all contributions, specially for grumpy.


Anonymous said...

Astonishing! Congratulations from Brasil. Unfortunately, I´m not a Rapidshare Premium member, so... you know, no downloads. But with your comments I´ve been knowing ' musicians and records. Thank you very much.


rowgatien said...

This one's for Grumpy with my thanks for your precious uploads. Greatly appreciated. The recording on this one is average but it is still enjoyable.

Shorty Rogers & Art Pepper
Xanadu CD

Shorty Rogers Trumpet
Art Pepper Alto Sax
Frank Patchen Piano
Howard Rumsey Bass
Shelly Manne Drums

grumpy said...

rowgatien, many thanks, I thought I had everything by Art Pepper but not this one! Great to hear Art and Shorty together.

Orbyt said...

GRUMPY, your Shorty shares are astonishing. Thank you.

Otis Foster said...

Simmdale - thanks for reviving memories of Nightstage, a wonderful music venue. Nothing remotely like it today, unfortunately.

Simmdale said...

Thank you Otis for that compliment. Although I am quite new to this whole blogosphere thing, I am already meeting so many new friends and adding so many wonderful items to my collection. My new blog, The Music Emporium, in now up. There really won't be any definite genre involved there at all, it will be a collection of all type of sundries, a cornucopia, if you will... just a vast music emporium to wander. If you don't see something to interest you right away, just come back around as I am sure that an item that will strike your fancy soon enough. The one unfying thing of all that you will find listed there will be... quality. The very best versions that I have, and have ever came across, of each and every thing listed there. I only have a few thing listed so far as it has only been up for a couple of days. But, as I stated, more variety will be coming and always the highest quality possible. New listings today as a matter of fact. Enjoy and see you around...

Simmdale said...

Oops... here is the link to
The Music Emporium

stringbender said...

Here's another interesting side everyone might enjoy - Andre Previn and J.J. Johnson Play Kurt Weill from 1962 on Columbia with Red Mitchell and Frank Capp:

Lossless WAV rip w/ artwork

rowgatien said...

Mann on bass clarinet
Herbie Mann's Californians
Great Ideas of Western Mann - 1957
Flac + scans

Mostly for the amazing Scott LaFaro
Victor Feldman Trio
The Arrival of Victor Feldman
Victor Feldman (vib, p) Scott LaFaro (b) Stan Levey (d)
Flac + scans

Anonymous said...


grumpy said...

Please, can anyone help with lossless posts of the following:
Three Shorty Rogers RCAs –

Invisible Orchard
Gigi in Jazz
The Swingin' Nutcracker

And two Dave Pell Octets –

Jazz Goes Dancing-Prom To Prom
Swingin' in The Ol' Corral

I didn’t post these four originally as they seemed to be more easily obtainable but for the sake of completeness:
EAC rips from my European CDs>flac + 300dpi scans

SHORT STOPS, reissue of two RCA 10in LPs and an EP:

COURTS THE COUNT, arguably the best of the RCAs:

WHEREVER THE FIVE WINDS BLOW, small group session:

And self explanatory:

In one place, to help if Melanchthon wishes to reduce the number of contributions

jazzmaniac said...

@ Grumpy: is it possible to upload
even CD2,3+4 of Shorty Rogers
Mosaic-Box? Would be really great.

jazzmaniac said...

You can find Dave Pell: Campus Hop

stringbender said...

Hey Grumpy:

Here are links to WAV lossless rip of An Invisible Orchard:


grumpy said...

Stringbender - many thanks for ‘An Invisible Orchard’ and jazzmaniac your request is answered. The Mosaic boxed sets are magnificent examples of how to reissue great music (and I will never post one that’s still available!), however the one criticism I have is the absence of original artwork. Can anyone post decent covers of Shorty Rogers’ Atlantic albums, please?

EAC>flac,cue,log+booklet scans + some original covers:

stringbender said...

Grumpy: Thanks very much for the Shorty box. What a wonderful gift!

Melanchthon said...

Thank you, Grumpy, for the Shorty Rogers Mosaic set.

jazzmaniac said...

thank you very much for the
Shorty Rogers -Mosaic links Grumpy

Bhowani said...

thank you Grumpy, you are a master !

Orbyt said...

GRUMPY, thank you very much for you Shorty Roger posts, and everything else you've come to share, here and elsewhere! Whew!

But let me say it's time to consider a name change. Anyone as generous and committed as you can't be, well, Grumpy. Ironic? Yes. Apt? Not so sure...

Thanks for everything! Cheers, Orbyt.

grumpy said...

Many thanks for the kind words (Orbyt you’ve obviously never talked to my wife!)

Another tidy up to put the remainder of my previous posts in one place and make room for some new contributions to come and some requests.


PEPPER ADAMS live in Germany, on Jpn CD

An excellent BOBBY HUTCHERSON/HAROLD LAND album only been reissued on this Jpn CD:

3 albums featuring FRANK STROZIER from VeeJay reissued on 2 CDs

The mp3s, some are not my rips but from usenet (thanks to jazzsir), most are good clean vinyl rips, all are rare/difficult to obtain, many have never been on CD:

Scoredaddy said...

Can you please send me an e-mail?

grumpy said...

WANTED: Can anyone help? I’m looking for 4 albums, 3 of which, as far as I know, have never been released on CD, featuring two great British jazz players:

Two from Tubby Hayes with Paul Gonsalves -'Just Friends' from 1964 and 'Change Of Setting' from the same period. The vinyl goes for a fortune at auction!

Jimmy Witherspoon "Spoon Sings And Swings" recorded live with Dick Morrissey (see below) in 1966

Also Dick Morrissey ‘Storm Warning’ this did come out on a limited edition Japanese CD


1960s British Jazz at its best, Dick Morrissey from Japanese CD

Tubby Hayes with Clark Terry, this brilliant CD came and went circa 1990

Two very good Ted Curson’s were requested somewhere (I’ll remember where one day!)

Jimmy Heath, posted elsewhere but thought I’d share here as well

grumpy said...

Forgot these:

Dick Morrisey from 1961, lossless apart from one track included as a bonus:

and an mp3, has this never made it to CD?

jazzuk said...


Many thanks for the Dick Morrissey....much appreciated.

swingingduck said...

For Grumpy:

Shorty Rogers and His Giants - Gigi in Jazz

I also found a few good covers of Shorty's albums on the web, so here are the links:

Martians, Come Back!

The Swinging Mr. Rogers

Shorty in Stereo

I know this isn't much, but nevertheless I hope that it will be of some help.

grumpy said...

Thanks so much for Gigi and the covers, much appreciated!

Orbyt said...

@SwingingDuck, thank you for Gigi. Merci Beaucoup.

I've also found to have covers I've been unable to find nowhere else. Good to remind others here.

Also is one not mentioned a lot but has many great LP covers and session info.

Thanks again!

cvllos said...

Mel, in retribution for your killing collection - Nocturne - I'd like to offer this Bob Enevoldsen Quintet:
Best regards

cvllos said...

Grumpy, you're another careful searcher!
What a Shorty Rogers pack!!!
I'll upgrade my files with your precious help, no doubt!
Thanks too much and a happy weekend.

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