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Introducing Kenny Burrell

First, consider the record and the artist. Kenny Burrell is the quintessential cool jazz guitarist, whether leading his own group or playing with an organ trio. And here we have Burrell's very first album as a leader, Introducing Kenny Burrell, recorded in 1956 with a terrific bop lineup : Tommy Flanagan on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, Kenny Clarke on drums, and Candido Camero on congas. Yep, bebop congas.
The album starts with a real barn-burner, "This Time the Dream's On Me," a fast and fun romp with Burrell wailing on the 6-string and Candido setting a hot pace on congas. Next is a change of pace, a mash-up of classical and jazz called, appropriately, "Fugue 'n Blues," sounding very much like something written for the Modern Jazz Quartet.
"Takeela" starts with a fast Latin beat on congas, giving Burrell a nice opportunity for fast, fluid solos. "Weaver of Dreams" is sweet, gentle and melodic, then comes "Delilah" — yes, the same hard bop piece that opened the classic Clifford Brown-Max Roach album a year earlier.
Finally, three very different songs to end the CD. "Blues for Skeeter," as the name implies, is a slow blues. "Get Happy" is, yes, the same song that Judy Garland made famous just a few years earlier in the movie Summer Stock, but this time taken at a blistering pace — and with a conga solo ! Burrell ends the affair with something soft and sentimental, an unaccompanied solo guitar on the George Gershwin classic "But Not For Me." So, a great album.
Marc Davis

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Kenny Burrell


1 This Time the Dream's On Me (Arlen, Mercer)  4:58
2 Fugue 'N Blues (Burrell)  6:47
3 Takeela (Burrell)  4:18
4 Weaver of Dreams (Young, Elliot)  4:42
5 Delilah (Young)  6:03
6 Rhythmorama (Clarke)  6:26
7 Blues for Skeeter (Burrell)  8:05


Kenny Burrell - g
Tommy Flanagan - p
Paul Chambers - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Candido - cng dr

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, New Jersey ; May 29, 1956


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