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Géza Anda Plays Béla Bartók

Anda's recordings of the Bartók concertos, made in 1959-60, have remained the preferred versions for nearly 40 years. His variations of touch and range of sound are still extraordinary, and he is equally at home in the brilliant and demanding percussive writing in the first two concertos and the hushed lyricism of the third. He is aided and abetted throughout by the knowing partnership of Fricsay, always an admirable Bartók exponent, and the alert Berlin Radio Orchestra. The sound remains bright and natural after all these years, with no perceptible modifications. Although there have been fine modern accounts of these concertos, notably by Peter Donohoe and Vladimir Ashkenazy, Anda's continue to hold their own... A highly recommended set.
Charles Timbrell, FANFARE [1/2001, reviewing Philips 456772]

Souce :

Géza Anda
Béla Bartók


Piano Concerto n° 1, BB 91, Sz. 83
1 I. Allegro moderato - Allegro  9:14
2 II. Andante  8:35
3 III. Allegro molto  7:13

Piano Concerto n° 2, BB 101, Sz. 95
4 I. Allegro  9:50
5 II. Adagio - Più adagio - Presto  12:19
6 III. Allegro molto  6:12

Piano Concerto n° 3, BB 127, Sz. 119
7 I. Allegretto  7:13
8 II. Adagio religioso  10:17
9 III. Allegro vivace  6:47


Géza Anda - p
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
Ferenc Fricsay - dir.

Recorded at Jesus Christus Kirche, Berlin ; October 1960 [Sz 83] ; & September 1959 [Sz 95 & 119]


David Federman said...

Thanks for these performances. They do shed light on what the composer would have wanted to hear. The first Bartok recording I ever bought was Friscay's wonderful interpretation of the "Concerto for Orchestra" in a U.S.-Decca mono. I played that record to death and preferred it to all later ones--including Reiner's. Since I haven't heard it in 40 years, it might be nice if you could post it. Please let me see if present enjoyment will match that in the past.

Melanchthon said...

Anonymous said...

Thank you MM, this one is truly historic.

Pedro del Castillo Alonso said...

Thank you very much Mel!!

zoot said...

many thanks mel