Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Guitars Unlimited Play with Django Reinhardt

Some wise cats will probably be surprised by the release of a new recording by the French gypsy guitarist who passes away some twenty years ago and was buried in Fontainebleau, France, in May 1953. Unless you believe in ghosts, this requires some explanation.
In fact, this album must be considered as a delayed tribute by two admirers of the late guitarist and the mixture of genuine guitar solos recorded two months before he died, plus a new musical background recorded by the Guitars Unlimited, a French experimental guitar quintet featuring some of the best local instrumentalists who usually play band arrangements such as did the once famous Lambert-Hendricks-Ross vocal trio in America.
Purists might object and consider such an experience as iconoclastic. I personally would be pretty reluctant to admit such attempts which are open to the most disgraceful extravaganzas. But in this particular case — how good or bad you will discover for yourself — the experience was worth trying, because those who have tried it were all Django's devotees who, at one time or another, where related to Django, and because their final goal was to pay him a respectful and admiring tribute.
Thanks to this, the arrangements played by the Guitars Unlimited, recorded in 1968, never interfere with Reinhardt's solo work, and blend as well as if they all played together...
Charles Delaunay, sleeves notes from Django Reinhardt, Swing it Ligtly (Columbia C 31479)

Django Reinhardt
Joue avec les
Guitars unlimited


1 Nuages (Reinhardt)  3:16
2 Night and Day (Porter)  2:50
3 September Song (Weill)  2:33
4 Confessin' (Neilburg, Dougherty, Reynolds)  3:49
5 Testament (Reinhardt)  1:48
6 Brazil (Barroso)  2:31
7 Manoir de mes Rêves (Reinhardt)  2:38
8 Blues for Ike (Reinhardt)  3:15
9 Insensiblement (Misraki)  3:03
10 Gipsy with a Song (Reinhardt)  2:27


Original sessions
[# 1-4 & 6-9] Clef/Blue Star Sessions
Django Reinhardt - g
Maurice Vander - p
Pierre Michelot - b
Jean-Louis Viale - dr
Recorded at Studio "B" Pathé-Marconi Magellan, Paris VIIIe ; March 10, 1953
[# 10] Blue Star Sessions
Hubert Rostaing - cl
Django Reinhardt - g
Joseph Reinhardt - g
Emmanuel Soudieux - b
André Jourdan - dr
Recorded at Studio Lutetia, Paris XVIIe ; October 4, 1947
The Guitars Unlimited
Francis Le Maguer - g
Pierre Cullaz - g
Raymond Gimenes - g
Paul Piguillem - g
Tony Rallo - g
Rhythm Section
[# 1 & 4]
Raymond Le Sénéchal - p
Pierre Michelot - b
André Arpino - dr
[# 3]
Maurice Vander - p
Paul Rovère - b
André Arpino - dr
[# 2, 5 & 10]
Same as above, except
Raymond Le Sénéchal - p, replaces Vander
[# 6, 7 & 8]
Same as above
[# 9]
Same as above, except
Jean-Louis Viale - dr, replaces Arpino
Recorded at Studio Hoche, Paris ; between April 25 & October 7, 1968


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