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Joe Puma - Wild Kitten

Joe Puma (1927-2000) began his jazz guitar career in the 1940's the contemporary of Chuck Wayne, Jimmy Raney, and Johnny Smith. He stayed close to New York throughout his career appearing and recording with artists like Joe Roland, Herbie Mann, Artie Shaw and Don Elliott. In 1957 he won the New Star Award for Guitar from Metronome Magazine. With the exception of the recordings Joe Puma, Joe Puma Jazz, Wild Kitten and Shining Hour, most of the examples of Puma's recorded work were done as a sideman for other artists. And, although he played some amazing guitar on those recordings, it was on these four that, as he said on the back of Joe Puma Jazz, he "display(s) all his musical wares". Joe Puma and Joe Puma Jazz appeared about 25 years before Shining Hour and all three displayed the typical Joe Puma style ; clean melodic lines, perfect comping behind the other players and a humorous ad lib quality that showed up as out of tempo playing or quoting other melodies. Joe Puma with Eddie Hall produced one of the most unusual jazz albums entitled Like Tweet. Hall identified and notated authentic birdcalls and then with Dick Hyman wrote them out in arrangements for jazz orchestra. Puma provides guitar and bass on this recording and produces some very interesting results. Barry Galbraith also appeared on this recording. In the 1970's Joe Puma teamed up with Chuck Wayne for some duet playing in the tradition of Barnes/Kress and Ellis/Pass. Their album Interactions is one of the best in this genre. Puma continued playing right into the 1990's. He appeared at the JVC Tributes to Tal Farlow in 1996 and Barney Kessel 1997.
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Joe Puma
Wild Kitten


1 Rose Room (Hickman, Williams)  5:48
2 Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Burke, VanHeusen)  2:41
3 Rigamarole (Mathews)  3:50
4 Sportin' with Morton (Puma)  3:21
5 Wild Kitten (Matthews)  5:51
6 Soon (Gershwin)  4:11
7 But Not for Me (Gershwin)  2:39
8 Rosalie Ann (Puma)  3:30
9 Give Me the Simple Life [#/*] (Bloom, Ruby)  3:37
10 Indian Blanket [#/*] (Puma)  3:52

#/* Bonus Tracks


[# 1-8]
Joe Puma - g
Mat Mathews - ac
Oscar Pettiford or Whitey Mitchell - b
Shadow Wilson - dr
Recorded in New York City ; February 25, 1957
[# 9-10]
Joe Puma - g
Tom Stewart - ss
Steve Lacy - t hrn
Whitey Mitchell - b

Herb Wasserman - dr
Recorded in New York City ;June 13, 1956


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