Friday, August 18, 2017

Jim Hall - Circles

Most of the music on this date (which emphasizes group originals) features guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Don Thompson and drummer Terry Clarke. The versatile Thompson switches to piano for a duet with Hall on "Circles" and on a quartet version (with Rufus Reid on bass) of "My Heart Sings." Nothing all that exciting or unexpected occurs during the CD reissue (which adds an additional song to the original LP), but virtually all of Hall's recordings (which tend to be harmonically sophisticated and quietly subtle) are worth acquiring.
Scott Yanow

Jim Hall


1 (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings (Blanvillain, Herpin, Rome)  6:10
2 Love Letters (Heyman, Young)  7:00
3 Down from Antigua (Hall)  6:38
4 Echo (Hall)  3:26
5 I Can't Get Started (Duke, Gershwin)  4:41
6 T.C. Blues (Clarke)  4:04
7 Circles (Thompson)  6:43
8 Aruba (Hall)  6:08


Jim Hall - g
Don Thompson - p & b
Terry Clarke - dr
Rufus Reid - b [# 1 only]

Recorded at Soundmixers, New York City ; March 1981


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Mention of the featured musicians (interesting);

The CD has previously unreleased material (We, bastars can not read it on the cover);

"Nothing all that exciting or unexpected occurs during the CD"

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