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Bird & Diz '50

This collection of 78 rpm singles, all recorded on June 6, 1950, was originally issued in album format in 1956 (this CD reissue adds three alternate takes to make what was originally a very skimpy program slightly more generous). Several things distinguish this from numerous other quintet recordings featuring these two bebop pioneers. It was recorded during the period that Parker was working under the aegis of producer Norman Granz, whose preference for large and unusual ensembles was notorious. The end result in this case is a date that sounds very much like those that Parker and Gillespie recorded for Savoy and Dial, except with top-of-the-line production quality. Even more interesting, though, is Parker's choice of Thelonious Monk as pianist. Unfortunately, Monk is buried in the mix and gets very little solo space, so his highly idiosyncratic genius doesn't get much exposure here. Still, this is an outstanding album -- there are fine versions of Parker standards like "Leap Frog," "Mohawk," and "Relaxin' with Lee," as well as a burning performance of "Bloomdido" and an interesting (if not entirely thrilling) rendition of the chestnut "My Melancholy Baby."
Rick Anderson

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/album/bird-and-diz-r200082

Charlie Parker
Dizzy Gillespie
Bird and Diz


1 Bloomdido (Parker)  3:25
2 My Melancholy Baby (Burnett, Norton)  3:24
3 Relaxin' with Lee (Parker)  2:47
4 Leap Frog (Harris, Parker)  2:29
5 An Oscar for Treadwell (Parker)  3:23
6 Mohawk (Parker)  3:35
7 My Melancholy Baby [complete take] (Burnett, Norton)  3:17
8 Relaxin' with Lee [complete take] (Parker)  3:56
9 Leap Frog [complete take] (Harris, Parker)  2:34
10 Leap Frog [complete take] (Harris, Parker)  2:02
11 Leap Frog [complete take] (Harris, Parker)  2:06
12 Oscar for Treadwell [complete take] (Parker)  3:21
13 Mohawk [complete take] (Parker)  3:48
14 Relaxin' with Lee [breakdown take] (Parker)  0:17
15 Relaxin' with Lee [breakdown take] (Parker)  1:08
16 Relaxin' with Lee [false start] (Parker)  0:04
17 Relaxin' with Lee [breakdown take] (Parker)  0:24
18 Leap Frog [breakdown take] (Harris, Parker)  0:26
19 Leap Frog [breakdown take] (Harris, Parker)  0:14
20 Leap Frog [breakdown take] (Harris, Parker)  0:40
21 Leap Frog [breakdown take] (Harris, Parker)  0:18
22 Leap Frog [breakdown take] (Harris, Parker)  0:20
23 Leap Frog [breakdown take] (Harris, Parker)  0:13
24 Leap Frog [breakdown take] (Harris, Parker)  0:41


Charlie Parker - as
Dizzy Gillespie - tp
Thelonious Monk - p
Curly Russell - b
Buddy Rich - dr

Recorded in New Tork City ; June 6, 1950


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