Monday, July 25, 2016

Yves Brouqui Plays The Music of Horace Silver

Yves Brouqui’s development towards artistic maturity has been intense. After due eclecticism playing alongside Simon Goubert, Steve Potts, Christian Vander, Emmanuel Bex or Georges Brown, he committed himself to in — depth immersion into music and chose to live in New York in 1994. inevitably, this sense of purpose led him to Small’s, where he immediately connected with the special friendly jazz vibe of Small’s extended family That’s how he played and/or recorded with Grant Stewart, Spike Wilner (2000, A Blues Of Many Colors), Joe Magnarelli, Sam Yahel, Avishai Cohen, Bobby Durham, Jimmy Lovelace, Peter Bernstein, Johnny Ellis... Smoke is another hallmark of New York’s down to earth jazz and that’s where he sometimes subbed for Peter Bernstein in Mike Le Donne ’s organ combo with tenor player Eric Alexander. He favoured a real musical involvement which led to long-term associations and recording the superb Live at Small’s (2001) with Grant Stewart, Spike VViIner, Joe Strasser and Paul Ghil. With a beautiful sound of his own, Yves Brouqui has managed to create a world of his own, both personal and rooted...
Jean Szlamowicz, from the booklet

Yves Brouqui
+ 3
The Music of Horace Silver


1 Quicksilver (Silver)  6:16
2 Horacescope (Silver)  5:14
3 Love Walk (Brouqui)  7:11
4 No Smoking (Silver)  517
5 Creepin' In (Silver)  8:00
6 Yeah (Silver)  5:38
7 Sweet Stuff (Silver)  4:44
8 The Saint Vitus Dance (Silver)  6:52
9 Mayreh (Silver)  5:47
10 I Remember Dan (Brouqui)  6:03


Yves Brouqui - g
Laurent Courthaliac - p
Mathias Allamane - b
Joe Strasser - dr

Recorded at Studio du Petit Pont, Maurepas, France ; March 15 & 16, 2010


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