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Martial Solal à Gaveau

Martial Solal was born in Algiers on August 23, 1927. He moved to Paris in the late 1940s where he began a career that has spanned work with Sidney Bechet and Lee Konitz. In the early 1950s he played and recorded with both Django Reinhardt and Don Byas, and later in the decade with Lucky Thompson and Kenny Clarke. When Miles Davis said, 'Damn ! That boy Solal can play !' in 1958, Mr. Solal already had mature possession of his skills, but few had heard of him outside France. As a leader, his groups have ranged from a trio with two bassists to big bands. He is heard at his best in a conventional trio format on Jazz A Gaveau, where his ability to structure fragments of melody, rhythm and harmony into a seemingly composed whole is amply demonstrated. Mr. Solal has also scored music for several films. His original compositions and his powerful writing were always praised by more perceptive critics, and if much of his work was done before jazz was perceived as an international language, he has been one of those who changed that perception. His Blue Note Records release from May 2003, NY1, has led to increased visibility for the 75-year old pianist in the U.S.

Source : http://www.jalc.org/about/news/030919-news.html

Martial Solal
Jazz à Gaveau
autres Pièces


Cd 1

1 Lover Man (Davis)  3:13
2 Suite n° 1 en Ré bémol pour Quartette de Jazz (Solal)  12:06
3 BOF "A bout de Souffle" (Solal)
a) Duo  2:20
b) La Mort  2:06
c) Poursuite  2:19
4 Clark's Blues (Solal) 3:05
5 Le Beau Danube bleu (Strauss)  8:08
6 8 avril (Solal)  3:32
7 Jazz Frit (Solal)  3:37
8 Four Brothers (Giuffre)  2:42
9 Grain de Valse (Solal)  4:24
10 Libéré sous Potion (Solal)  4:48
11 18 + 1 (Solal)  2:35
12 Petite Poupée (Solal)  2:49
13 Blues Masochiste (Solal)  5:55



Jazz à Gaveau

1 Jordu (Jordan)  7:21
2 No Smokings (Solal)  6:52
3 Spécial Club (Solal)  7:57
4 Dermaplastic (Solal)  5:06
5 Aigue Marine Solal)  4:50
6 Averty, c'est Moi (Solal)  6:45
7 Gavotte à Gaveau (Solal)  6:30
8 Lucien, valsons (Solal) 4:52
9 Sous le Ciel de Paris* (Giraud, Dréjac)  6:29
10 Galerie (Solal)  7:30
11 Vice et Versa (Solal)  7:20
12 Billie's Bounce (Parker, Browman)  7:40


Martial Solal et son Trio
Martial Solal - p
Guy Pedersen - b
Daniel Humair - dr
Salle Gaveau, Paris, [#1-7] May 3, 1962 & December 11, 1963 [#8-12]

Featuring Martial Solal, Guy Pedersen, Daniel Humair, Charles Bellonzi, Gilbert Rovère, Roger Guérin, André Paquinet, Jean-Louis Chautemps, William Boucaya, Pierre Cullaz, Clark Terry, Benoît Quersin, Michel Hausser, etc...

Recorded between & July 3, 1959 & May 23, 1966

(See the complete artwork for all details about the sessions)


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