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Eddie Harris - Study in Jazz for Beakfast at "Tyffany's"

Tenor-saxophonist Eddie Harris's third album features him exploring 11 themes from Henry Mancini's score for Breakfast At Tiffany 's. Harris stretches out the most on "Moon River" and the title cut but he does justice to the nine lesser-known themes. This long out-of-print LP holds one's interest throughout and, although Harris comes up with plenty of fresh ideas, he also never leaves the melody far behind. His unlisted backup group is a septet that includes trombonist Joe Avant, vibraphonist Charles Stepney, pianist Willie Pickens and guitarist Joe Diorio. A fine (if obscure) outing.
Scott Yanow

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Eddie Harris
 Study in Jazz
Jazz for "Breakfast at Tiffany's"


1 No One (Harris)  3:45
2 Dancing Bull (Harris)  4:15
3 Cuttin' Out (Harris)  3:52
4 Down (Harris)  4:55
5 Just Friends (Klenner, Lewis)  4:28
6 Olifant Gesang (Harris)  8:13
7 Moon River (Mancini, Mercer)  5:55
8 Fantastic Waltz (Harris)  4:40
9 Something for a Cat (Mancini)  2:13
10 Sally's Tomato (Mancini)  1:10
11 Mr. Yunioshi (Mancini)  3:23
12 The Big Blow Out (Mancini)  4:36
13 Hub Caps And Tail Lights (Mancini)  2:19
14 Breakfast At Tiffany's (Mancini)  4:58
15 Latin Go Lightly (Mancini)  1:50
16 Holly (Mancini)  2:27
17 Loose Caboose (Mancini)  1:43
18 The Big Heist (Mancini)  3:11


[# 1, 3 & 4]
Eddie Harris - ts
Joe Diorio - g
Willie Pickens - p
Melvin Jackson - b
Harold Jones - dr
Roland Faulkner - g, replaces Diorio [# 1]
[# 2, 5-7]
Eddie Harris - ts
Joe Diorio - g
Willie Pickens - p
Richard Evans - b
Marshall Thompson - dr
Melvin Jackson - b, replaces Evans [# 7]
[# 8-11, 12, 14, 15 & 18]
Eddie Harris - ts
Joe Diorio - g
[out on # 9 & 11]

John Avant - tb [out on # 14 & 15]
Charles Stepney - vb
[out on # 9]

Willie Pickens - p
Donald Garrett - b
Earl Thomas - dr

[# 13, 16 & 17]
Eddie Harris - ts
Charles Stepney - vb [# 17 only]
Willie Pickens - p
Donald Garrett - b
Earl Thomas - dr

Recorded in Chicago ; 1961 & 1962.


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