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A Jazz Band Ball #2

This reissue is unrelated to another V.S.O.P. set simply titled A Jazz Band Ball. Terry Gibbs on vibes and marimba matches wits and creativity with Victor Feldman and Larry Bunker, both of whom double on vibes and xylophone. Assisted by pianist Lou Levy, bassist Max Bennett and drummer Mel Lewis, the intriguing frontline essentially plays bop, but with a great deal of color. The interaction between the vibraphonists, who are all featured and occasionally trade off, is the main reason to acquire this very interesting set.
Scott Yanow

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Terry Gibbs
A Jazz Band Ball
Second Set


1 The Dipsy Doodle (Clinton)  3:33
2 Where or When (Hart, Rodgers)  3:44
3 I'm Getting Sentimental overYou (Bassman, Washington)  4:01
4 Hollywood Blues (Roland)  4:58
5 Tangerine (Mercer, Schertzinger)  3:19
6 Just Friends (Klenner, Lewis)  3:32
7 Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise (Hammerstein, Romberg)  4:08
8 Memories of You (Adelman, Adelman, Blake)  3:35
9 Broadway (Bird, McRae, Wood, Woode)  3:07
10 Allen's Alley (Best)  6:47


Terry Gibbs - vb & mrmb
Victor Feldman - vb & xlph
Larry Bunker - vb & xlph
Lou Levy - p
Max Bennett - b
Mel Lewis - dr

Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California ; September 1957

In September of 1957, Mode Records' musical director Marty Paich came up with the idea the idea of orchestrating and recording a multi-percussion ensemble made up of three mallet players and a rhythm section. He located three expert vibes players: Terry Gibbs, Vic Feldman and Larry Bunker, but this was only the beginning of his task. Voicing for such an unpredictable sound required special attention. In the end, the arrangements on which the music depended achieved their purpose brilliantly. All arrangements are by Marty Paich. Great stereo separation by Bones Howe allows each soloist to be identified clearly. Considering the task that he set out for himself, Marty obviously succeeded


Bhowani said...

A miracle !!

Thank you so much, Mel ! I was waiting for it to complete the first !! Never seen this one before !

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Philo said...

Terry Gibbs - A Jazz Band Ball_Second Set (1957)

With 3 mallet instruments this is a bit of a novelty album. (Kind of like listening to a trombone choir or an accordion orchestra.) But it is also great fun.

It also is quite interesting to hear vibes, marimba and xylophone playing together. It led me to conclude that the vibraphone is definitely the most musical sound of the three. It has the most interesting texture and tonal color.

the jazzman said...

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Become a big Gibbs fan, so this is welcome.

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Big thanks from me, Mel, especially for the album art of Wm Box...

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Victor Feldman always of interest. Many thanks Mel.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Again "Melanchthon" for sharing these rare audio treasures! Being a percussionist, i find this 'novelty record' delightfully intriguing, if not particularly *innovative* compared to the experiments of say Teddy Charles, etc.

The real draw for me here is the last number "Allen's Alley" with its extended solos, composed by the great drummer Denzil Best, who himself was well-versed on other instruments, including the piano, etc., which helps to explain his composing talents. --dandor

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Intriguing! Looking forward to listening to this one. Many thanks.

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Very good album. All my favourite vibraphonists, including Larry Bunker. Thank you very much

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If I have a favorite jazz instrument, it's vibraphone. This makes me, in advance, very happy.

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Nice album.
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