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Brew Moore - West Coast Sessions

Lesterian tenor saxophonist Brew Moore (1924-1973) spent much of his career like an archetypal Fifties counterculture icon, always on the move, turning up in New York, or San Francisco, Copenhagen or Stockholm for a year or so, playing beautifully and then disappearing. Unsurprisingly, he left very few recordings, particularly of his early US career, which makes this collection, recorded on the West Coast, particularly valuable.
Surrounded by capable West Coasters, on The Brew Moore Quintet his Lester Young inspired tenor delivers glorious ballad playing on “Fools Rush In”, and an affectingly direct “I Want a Little Girl”. And he swings mightily through “I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love with Me”, “Tea for Two” and “Five Planets in Leo”. On Brew Moore, made with another Lesterian tenor, Harold Wylie, he remains the star of the show and their evident compatibility enlivens the exchanges on “Edison’s Lamp”, the jaunty “Rhode Island Red” and “Marna Moves”. Both albums benefit from accomplished drummers, Gus Gustafson on the first and John Markham on the second.

Source : http://www.freshsoundrecords.com/west_coast_brew_brew_moore_quartet_&_quintet_sessions_1955-1958_2_lps_on_1_cd-cd-5704.html

Brew Moore
West Coast Brew
Quartet & Quintet Sessions


1 Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread) (Mercer, Bloom)  4:22
2 Them There Eyes (Pinkard, Tracey, Tauber)  4:55
3 Tea For Two (Youmans, Caesar)  5:00
4 Five Planets in Leo (Marabuto)  4:45
5 I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love with Me (McHugh, Gaskill)  4:23
6 Them Old Blues (Marabuto)  4:05
7 Rose (Marabuto)  4:40
8 Rotation (Mills)  4:23
9 I Want a Little Girl (Mencher, Moll)  3:22
10 Edison’s Lamp (Coppola)  7:35
11 Nancy with the Laughing Face (VanHeusen, Silvers)  3:15
12 Rhode Island Red (Marabuto)  7:06
13 Marna Moves (Moore)  6:03
14 Pat’s Batch (Marabuto)  4:38
15 Dues Blues (Dumaine)  7:10


Brew Moore - ts
John Marabuto - p
Eddie Duran - g [# 1]
Max Hartstein - b
Gus Gustafson - dr
Recorded at University of California, San Francisco, August 1955 [# 1] ; & Marines Memorial Hall, San Francisco ; January 15, 1956 [# 2-5]
Brew Moore - ts
Dick Mills - tp
John Marabuto - p
Max Hartstein - b
Gus Gustafson - dr
Recorded at Marines Memorial Hall ; San Francisco, February 22, 1956
Brew Moore - ts
Harold Wylie - ts
John Marabuto - p
John Mosher - b
John Markham - dr
Recorded in San Francisco ; November 5, 1957
Brew Moore - ts
Cal Tjader - vb
Vince Guaraldi - p
Dean Reilly - b
Bobby Whilte - dr
Recorded at University College of Los Angeles ; January, 1958


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