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Earl Hines in Paris - Fine & Dandy

The close of 1949 is a rich era for french jazz lovers. One after the other, Sidney Bechet, Buck Clayton, Louis Armstrong, Willie "The Lion" Smith and Coleman Hawkins tour de France. After years of privacy, ther's lots to be heard again. The one everybody is expecting is obviously Louis Armstrong, who had been in Europe the year before, and whose reputation reaches further than the circle of the happy few. At salle Pleyel, on November 3, the "King of Jazz" plays with the same sextet as the year before, with the exception of Cozy Cole on drums, who replaces Big Sid Catlett. Featured in the All Stars are also Jack Teagarden (tb), Barney Bigard (cl), Arvell Shaw (bass) and Earl Hines (p). Vogue invites the latter to record on the following day, with Barney Bigard and Arvell Shaw. To the quintet is later added Buck Clayton, who was in Paris with his own septet, and Buck's drummer Wallace Bishop, who meets again with his former boss, Earl Hines, whom he had not recorded with the whole quintet : on three tracks Earl Hines is alone, with a trio on three others and with a quartette featuring Bigard on "Tea for Two".
From beginning to end the piansit is at his best. He is 47 and has 26 years of a rich career...
Claude Carrière, from the booklet

Earl Hines
Fine & Dandy


1 Snappy Rhythm (Hines)  2:55
2 I Never Dreamt (Hines)  3:01
3 Chicago (Fisher)  3:09
4 Night Life In Pompeii (Hines)  3:06
5 Night Life In Pompeii (Hines)  2:59
6 Japanese Sandman (Whitting)  3:16
7 Rhythm Business (Bigard)  2:52
8 Tea For Two (Youmans)  2:37
9 Air France Stomp (Hines)  2:59
10 Chicken Jump (Air France Stomp II) (Hines)  3:00
11 Honeysuckle Rose (Waller, Razaf)  3:08
12 Honeysuckle Rose (Waller, Razaf)  3:29
13 Fine And Dandy (Swift, Jones)  3:09
14 Sugar (Pinkard)  3:22
15 Boogie Woogie On St Louis Blues (Handy)  3:01
16 Singin' For My French Brother (Waller, Razaf)  2:42


[# 1, 2, 11 & 13] Earl Hines Trio
Earl Hines - p
Arvell Shaw - b
Wallace Bishop - dr
Recorded in Paris ; November 4, 1949 [# 1-13]
[# 3-10] Earl Hines All Star Quartet
Earl Hines - p
Buck Clayton - tp [except # 8]
Barney Bigard - cl
Arvell Shaw - b
Wallace Bishop - dr
Recorded same place and date as above
[# 14-16] Earl Hines
Earl Hines - p & vc
Recorded in Paris ; November 6, 1949 [# 14-16]


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