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François-René Duchable Plays Maurice Ravel

Far from being a trail-blazer or a forerunner of extreme modernism, Maurice Ravel was a classical musician — classical in the musical forms he used, classical in spirit and classical in his tastes ; and in all this he was following in the footsetps of those seventeeth- and eighteenth-century masters who took such immense pains and pride in achieving craftsmany perfection. The fascination he felt fot the technical refinements of composition and for the quest for objectivity in music meant that this composer-cum dignostician derived his greatest satisfaction from the exercise of ingenuity in finding ways round obstacles (gleefully self-imposed, these) and in discovering problems.
Ravelhad little time fot the technical and the theoretical pretensions of the so-called "intellectual" composers (he habitually applied this sobriquet to the group around Vincent d'Indy) : his world is that of an aesthete who steers a delicate path just this side of preciosity. And yet behind the deliberate façade of airy detachment a very different Ravel can sometimes be detected, a personality of dark shadow terrors and anxieties not untinged with black magic. This is vertainly true of the Concerto in D major for left hand (which was commissioned by the oe-armed pianist Paul Wittgenstein), for in it Ravel reveals his nightmares and exposes his unhealed wounds : and yet the work is the twin of the sunny and serene G major concerto : thery were composed virtually simultaneously...
Alain Féron (from the booklet) Translated by Anthony Laude

Maurice Ravel


1 Piano Concerto in D major  18:22
("For the left Hand")

Piano Concerto in G major
2 Allegramente  8:07
3 Adagio assai  9:18
4 Presto  4:05

5 Tzigane  9:41
(Concert fhapsody for violin and orchestra)

(Three Poems for voice and orchrestra withe
verses by Tristan Klingsor)
6 Asia  9:41
7 The Magic flute  2:46
8 The Indifferent  3:45


François-René Duchable - p
Pierre Amoyal - vl [# 5]
Rachel Yakar - spr [# 6-8]
Jean-Claude Hermengat - fl [# 6-8]
Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Armin Jordan - dir.

Recorded at Victoria Hall, Geneva ; September, 1986


chuchuni said...

Merci de nous faire découvrir tant d'oeuvres pour pianos. Pour ma part, Chopin, les impressionistes et certains compositeurs minimalistes ou influencés par ces derniers m'intéressent beaucoup. C'est une 'terra incognita' pour moi, j'ai tout à découvrir, ou presque.

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Thanks a lot, only few classical, but excellent choices!