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Rusty Bryant [Complete] Original Quintet '57

This unprecedented release features twenty-six tracks of the powerful groove-oriented tenor saxophonist playing a rare straight-ahead set accompanied by such outstandings figures as Gerald Wiggins on the piano chair, Howard Roberts or John Collins on guitar, Red Callender on bass and Alvin Stoller or Shelly Manne on drums. The various formations swing with precision, providing Rusty with the perfect backdrop to demonstrate his ample saxophone skills and impecable taste.
The repertoire contains a lot of Standards as well as seven own compositions. As a Bonus Tracks appeared two tracks of his first LP recorded in NYC, 1954.

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Rusty Bryant
Original Quintet


1 Over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)  3:14
2 Secret Love (Fain, Webster)  3:10
3 Thou Swell (Hart, Rodgers)  3:38
4 48th Street Smile (Bryant)  2:52
5 Easy Living (Rainger, Robin)  2:19
6 Mr. Wonderful (Bock, Holofcener, Weiss)  3:32
7 That Old Black Magic (Arlen, Mercer)  3:23
8 Susie (Bryant, Mack)  2:39
9 This Time the Dream's on Me (Arlen, Mercer)  3:03
10 Almost Like Being in Love (Lerner, Loewe)  1:58
11 When Your Lover Has Gone (Swan)  3:17
12 Sonar (Wiggins)  4:21
13 The Deacon (Bryant, Mack)  3:06
14 Boofus (Bryant)  2:05
15 Herbert's Coming (Bryant, Mack)  2:54
16 Sooty (Bryant)  2:16
17 My Shining Hour (Arlen, Mercer)  2:52
18 I Should Care (Cahn, Stordahl, Weston)  3:11
19 Why Was I Born (Hammerstein II, Kern)  3:19
20 I Cover the Waterfront (Green, Heyman)  2:47
21 Blue Lou (Mills, Sampson)  3:47
22 Frances' Dream (Bryant)  2:35
23 It's a Blue World (Forrest, Wright)  3:20
24 Street of Dreams (Lewis, Young)  2:41
25 Hanka Boo (Marr)  2:22
26 Back Street (Chamblee, Simpkins)  2:49


[# 1-11]
Rusty Bryant - ts
Gerald Wiggins - p
Jack Marshall - g [# 1-5]
Howard Roberts - g [# 6-7, 10 & 11]
John Collins - g [# 8-9]
Red Callender - b
Max Albright - dr [# 1-7]
Alvin Stoller - dr [# 8-9]
Shelly Manne - dr [# 10-11]
Recorded in Los Angeles ; August 6-8, 1957
[# 12-24]
Rusty Bryant - ts
Gerald Wiggins - p
John Collins - g [# 12, 18, 21, 22 & 24]
Howard Roberts - g [# 19, 20 & 23]
Red Callender - b
Alvin Stoller - dr [# 12-19, 21, 22 & 24]
Shelly Manne - dr [# 20-23]
Recorded in Los Angeles ; August 10-11, 1957
[# 25]
Rusty Bryant - ts
Hank Marr - p
Paul Weeden - g
Ike Isaacs - b
Taylor Orr - dr
Recorded in New York ; 1954
[# 26]
Rusty Bryant - ts
Otis Sutton - bs
Hank Marr - p
Warren Stephens - g
Fred Smith - b
Jimmy Rodgers - dr
Recorded in Columbus, Ohio ; 1954


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