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Kenny Dorham on Savoy (1946/49)

The first recordings with small groups made for the Savoy label by one of the most fine trumpeters in moder jazz-wich replaced Miles Davis on Charlie Parker's combo and later became a founding member of The Jazz Messengers and Jazz Prophets.
Only master takes.

Source :

Kenny Dorham
The Complete Savoy

Plus Other Small Group Sessions


1 Be bop in pastel (Powell)  2:51
2 Fool's Fancy (Dorham, Powell)  2:32
3 Bombay (Brown, Dorham, Fuller)  2:52
4 Ray's idea (Brown)  2:43
5 Serenade to a Square (
Powell)  2:33
6 Good Kick (Stitt)  2:36
7 Seven Up (Stitt)  2:27
8 Blues in Be Bop (Dorham)  2:43
9 Conglomeration (Jackson)  2:53
10 Bruz (Jackson)  2:52
11 Roll 'Em Bags (Jackson)  2:44
12 Elysee ( Lewis)  3:11
13 Hilo (Rollins)  2:45
14 Fox Hunt (Johnson)  2:50
15 Opus V (Johnson)  2:43
16 The Thin Man (Dorham)  3:00
17 Bop Alley (Dawud)  3:14
18 Groove Street (Kaleem)  3:02
19 Musa's Vision (Kaleem)  3:10
20 Prince Albert (Dorham, Roach)  5:49
21 Baby Sis (Dorham)  5:30
22 Tomorrow (Dorham, Roach)  6:04
23 Maximum (Roach)  3:30


[# 1-4]

Kenny Dorham - tp
Sonny Stitt - as
Bud Powell - p
Al Hall - b
Wallace Bishop - dr
Recorded in August 23, 1946
[# 5-8]
Same as above, except

Kenny Clarke - dr, replaces Bishop
[# 9-11]
Julius Watkins - fr hrn
Kenny Dorham - tp
Billy Mitchell - ts
Milt Jackson - vb & p
Curley Russell - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded in New York ; January 25, 1949
[# 12-15]

Kenny Dorham - tp
J. J. Johnson - tb
Sonny Rollins - t
John Lewis - p
Leonard Gaskin - b
Max Roach - dr
Recorded in New York ; May 26, 1949
[# 16-19]

Kenny Dorham - tp
Howard Bowe - tb
Sahib Shihab - as
Musa Kaleem - ts
Ernie Thompson - bs
Walter Bishop - p
Laverne Barker - b
Art Blakey - dr
Recorded in New York ; December 27, 1947
[# 20-23]

James Moody - ts
Kenny Dorham - tp
Al Haig - p
Tommy Potter - b
Max Roach - dr
Recorded in Paris ; May 15, 1949


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