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Sviatoslav Richter Plays Mozart, Mendelsshon & Debussy

The Mozart and Debussy selections stem from Sviatoslav Richter’s Prague recital of March 17, 1968. Richter collectors may have encountered the Mozart on AS-Disc 329, Notes PGP 11009, Nuova Era 2320, or a two-disc Memories release. Only the latter seems to be in print. Despite some wobbly notes due to tape warbles, Richter’s forthright, proportioned way with the Sonata is a delight, while by contrast the Variations benefit from the pianist’s patented legato and pellucid touch.
Thank goodness someone recorded Richter’s April 22, 1965 recital at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, otherwise we wouldn’t have the tautest and most scintillating Mendelssohn Variations Sérieuses it’s been my pleasure to hear. Don’t worry about the semi-professional sound, for Richter’s powers of projection easily come through. However, the Debussy Preludes Book 2 (from the aforementioned Prague recital) are reproduced in a muffled, grainy transfer from a source tape that’s umpteen generations removed from the excellent-sounding Pyramid 13507, a release I fear is out of print. Sound quality makes or breaks Debussy, especially in the case of Richter’s sensitivity to tone color and nuance. Hunt down the Pyramid, or pray that Vox will reissue Richter’s better sounding 1967 Spoleto Festival performance (replete with church bells ringing in the background).
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Source :

Sviatoslav Richter
Mozart, Mendelsshon
(Prague & New York)


Cd. 1

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Piano Sonata in C Major KV 309
1 I. Allegro con spirito  8:43
2 II. Andante, un poco adagio  6:44
3 III. Rodo (Allegro grazioso)  5:33

4 Piano Variations in E-flar Major  14:59
"La Belle Françoise" KV 353

Felix Mendelssohn

5 Variations sérieuses, Op. 54  11:34


Cd. 2

 Claude Debussy

(2e Livre)
1 Brouillards. Modéré extrêmement égal et léger  3:28
2 Feuilles mortes. Lent et mélancolique  3:17
3 La Puerta del Vino. Mouvement de Habanera avec de brusques oppositions d'extrême violence et de passionnée douceur  4:07
4 "Les Fées sont d'exquises danseuses". Rapide et léger  2:41
5 Bruyères. Calme - Doucement expressif  2:53
6 "General Lavine" - eccentric. Dans le style et le Mouvement d'un Cake-Walk  2:29
7 La Terrasse des audiences du clair de lune. Lent  4:28
8 Ondine. Scherzando  3:15
9 Hommage à S. Pickwick, Esq., P.P.M.P.C. Grave  2:34
10 Canope. Très calme et doucement triste  3:07
11 Les Tierces alternées. Modérément animé  3:27
12 Feux d'artifice. Modérément animé  3:48


Sviatoslav Richter - p

Recorded in Prague ; March 17, 1968 [Cd. 1, # 1-4 ; & Cd. 2] ; & Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York ; April 22, 1965 [Cd. 1, # 5]


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