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Urbie Green - Blues and Other Shades of Green

Blues and Other Shades of Green casts Urbie Green in a rare small-group setting, assembling a stellar quintet including guitarist Jimmy Raney, bassist Percy Heath, pianist Dave McKenna and drummer Kenny Clarke for a crisp, coolly efficient session that leaves just enough wiggle room to allow all of the individual contributors their moment in the spotlight. Green wields both the slide and the valve trombone here, and the simplicity of the arrangements affords his lovely, direct tone the perfect platform to shine—as its title suggests, much of Blues and Other Shades of Green boasts a melancholy atmosphere, and Green is unusually expressive in capturing the emotions that haunt material like "Reminiscent Blues" and "It's Too Late Now." Long out of print but finally reissued in 2007 on a two-fer CD alongside its 1956 follow-up All About Urbie Green.
Jason Ankeny

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Urbie Green
Blues and Other Shades
of Green


1 Reminiscent Blues (Green)  3:17
2 Thou Swell (Hart, Rodgers)  3:20
3 You Are Too Beautiful (Hart, Rodgers)  4:21
4 Paradise (Brown, Clifford)  3:01
5 Frankie and Johnny (Traditional)  1:49
6 One for Dee (Green)  2:45
7 Am I Blue ? (Akst, Clarke)  3:03
8 Dirty Dan (Green)  2:45
9 It's Too Late Now (Lane, Lerner)  3:11
10 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Bassman, Washington)  5:41
11 Lulu's Back in Town (Dubin, Warren)  3:43
12 Blue Jeans (Burke)  5:43
13 Old Time Modern (Green)  5:57
14 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Ellington)  6:05
15 Lullaby of Birdland (Shearing, Weiss)  6:33
16 Med's Tune (Flory)  6:01
17 Warm Valley (Ellington)  2:47
18 Limehouse Blues (Braham, Furber)  2:02


Feat. Urbie Green, Jimmy Raney, Dave McKenna, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke, Al Cohn, Eddie Costa, Vinnie Burke, Joe Morello, Ruby Braff, Frank Wess, Freddie Green, Aaron Bell, Bobby Donaldson.

Recorded in New York ; between August 17, 1954 & October 12, 1955

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