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Johnny Hodges - Collates 1 & 2 (1951-1952)

Possessor of the most beautiful tone ever heard in jazz, altoist Johnny Hodges formed his style early on and had little reason to change it through the decades. Although he could stomp with the best swing players and was masterful on the blues, Hodges' luscious playing on ballads has never been topped. He played drums and piano early on before switching to soprano sax when he was 14. Hodges was taught and inspired by Sidney Bechet, although he soon used alto as his main ax ; he would regretfully drop soprano altogether after 1940. His early experiences included playing with Lloyd Scott, Chick Webb, Luckey Roberts, and Willie "The Lion" Smith (1924), and he also had the opportunity to work with Bechet. However, Johnny Hodges' real career began in 1928 when he joined Duke Ellington's orchestra. He quickly became one of the most important solo stars in the band and a real pacesetter on alto ; Benny Carter was his only close competition in the 1930s. Hodges was featured on a countless number of performances with Ellington and also had many chances to lead recording dates with Ellington's sidemen. Whether it was "Things Ain't What They Used to Be," "Come Sunday," or "Passion Flower," Hodges was an indispensable member of Ellington's orchestra in the 1930s and '40s. It was therefore a shock, in 1951, when he decided to leave Duke Ellington and lead a band of his own. Hodges had a quick hit in "Castle Rock" (which ironically showcased Al Sears' tenor and had no real contribution by the altoist), but his combo ended up struggling and breaking up in 1955. Hodges' return to Duke Ellington was a joyous occasion and he never really left again. In the 1960s, Hodges teamed up with organist Wild Bill Davis on some sessions, leading to Davis joining Ellington for a time in 1969. Johnny Hodges, whose unchanging style always managed to sound fresh, was still with Duke Ellington when he suddenly died in 1970.
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Johnny Hodges
1 & 2


1 Castle Rock (Sears)  2:49
2 Who's Excited (Duke)  3:03
3 You Blew Out the Flames in My Heart (Hodges)  3:32
4 Globetrotter (Hodges)  3:02
5 Pound of Blues (Lovett)  3:07
6 Sideways (Lovett)  3:02
7 Blue Fantasia (Hodges)  3:10
8 Sweepin' the Blues Away (Hodges)  3:15


[# 1 & 4]
Emmett Berry - tp
Lawrence Brown - tb
Johnny Hodges - as
Al Sears - ts
Leroy Lovett - p [# 1]
Billy Strayhorn - p [# 4]
Lloyd Trotman - b
Sonny Greer - dr
Recorded in New York City ; March 3, 1951
[# 3 & 7]
Nelson Williams - tp
Lawrence Brown - tb
Johnny Hodges - as
Al Sears - ts
Leroy Lovett - p
Al McKibbon - b
Sonny Greer - dr
Recorded in New York City ; January 15, 1951
[# 2, 5, 6 & 8]
Same as above, except Emmett Berry - tp, Lloyd Trotman - b, & Joe Marshall  - dr, replace Nelson Williams, Al McKibbon & Sonny Greer
Recorded in New York City ; January 13, 1952


Collates, n° 2

1 Duke's Blues (Hodges)  6:10
2 Tea For Two (Youmans, Caesar)  3:03
3 Rosanne (Mamming, Osser)  3:12
4 Tenderly (Lawrence, Gross)  3:22
5 Blow The Azores (Lovett)  3:07
6 Jeep's Blues (Hodges, Ellington)  2:59
7 Whats I'm Gotchere (Editcue)  3:23


[# 1, 2, 4 & 5*]
Emmett Berry - tp
Lawrence Brown - tb
Johnny Hodges - as
Al Sears - ts
Leroy Lovett - p
Barney Richmond or Lloyd Trotman* - b
Joe Marshall - dr
Recorded in New York City* & San Francisco, California ; January 17 & March 25, 1952
[# 3 & 7**]
Emmett Berry - tp
Lawrence Brown - tb
Johnny Hodges - as
Ben Webster or Flip Philips** - ts
Leroy Lovett or Teddy Brannon** - p
Red Callender - b
J.C. Heard - dr
Al Hibbler - vc
Recorded in San Francisco** & Los Angeles, California ; July 17** & 22, 1952
[# 6]
Same as [# 1, 2 & 4] Except Lloyd Trotman - b, replaces Richmond & Sonny Greer - dr, replaces Marshall
Recorded in New York City ; February 28, 1951

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