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Jack Sheldon & His All-Stars

Trumpeter Jack Sheldon is heard leading two separate sessions from the late '50s. The earlier supporting cast includes Pete Jolly, Stu Williamson, and baritone saxophonist Billy Root. Several of the arrangements on the first studio date are by Lennie Niehaus, including the uplifting opener, "On Green Dolphin Street," the snappy blues "I'm Also a Person" (composed by Niehaus), and a richly textured chart of "I Had the Craziest Dream." George Wallington scored two snappy originals, "Arrividerci" and "Brown Cow." The mood is much lighter on the second date, with all of the arrangements by Paul Moer, including three originals. Although Art Pepper, Mel Lewis, Herb Geller, Chet Baker, and Harold Land are among the musicians present, this session is still a cut below the first. The playing is at a consistently strong level, even if some of the arrangements and compositions are less than memorable. But fans of cool jazz will likely enjoy this CD.
Ken Dryden

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/album/jack-sheldon-his-all-stars-r549858

Jack Sheldon

His All-Stars


1 Green Dolphin Street (Kaper, Washington)  3:07
2 I'm Also a Person (Niehaus)  4:45
3 I Had the Craziest Dream (Gordon, Warren)  3:34
4 Arrividerci (Wallington)  3:43
5 Brown Cow (Tiny Kahn)  2:59
6 Anyhow (Moer)  3:24
7 Julie Is Her Name (Troup)  3:28
8 Aplomb (Moer)  3:47
9 Sunset Eyes (Edwards)  2:55
10 J.S. (Abercrombie, Moer)  3:39


[# 1-5]
Jack Sheldon, Conte Candoli - tp
Stu Williamson - tb
Vince DeRosa - fr hrn
Lennie Niehaus - as
Billy Root - bs
Pete Jolly - p
Red Callender - tb
Buddy Clark - b
Mel Lewis - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; July 20, 1957
[# 6-10]
Jack Sheldon, Chet Baker - tp
Art Pepper, Herb Geller - as
Harold Land - ts
Paul Moer - p & arr
Buddy Clark - b
Mel Lewis - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; March 6, 1959


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