Sunday, April 28, 2013

Don Friedman Trio - A Day in the City

For his debut as a leader, pianist Don Friedman (in a trio with bassist Chuck Israels and drummer Joe Hunt) performed six variations on a theme taken from an old folk song, "The Minstrel Boy." Called "Dawn," "Midday," "Rush Hour," "Sunset," "Early Evening," and "Night," these six jazz variations on a theme are often quite abstract and not as picturesque as one would think considering their titles. However, Friedman's playing (which shows the strong influence of modern classical music, particularly in its chords) rewards repeated listenings.
Scott Yanow

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Don Friedman
A Day in the City
Six Jazz Variations on a Theme


1 Dawn 6:01
2 Midday 5:45
3 Rush Hour 6:41
4 Sunset 5:44
5 Early Evening 4:09
6 Night 7:56

All selections composed by Don Friedman

Don Friedman - p
Chuck Israels - b
Joe Hunt - dr

Recorded at Bell Sound Studios, New York City ; June 12, 1961


cooljazz said...

Merci bien pour cet album qui m'est iconnu. Je l'écouterai avec grand intérêt; j'aime Don Friedman.

yewsta said...

Thank you, Mel for the chance to try it out. Top class trio.

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thanks for the latest and greatest (again) batch of recent posts

Mike said...

Yow! Another little known artist worth exploring... thanks so much.