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Herbie Steward & Marky Markowitz

Two complete LPs from the defunct Famous Door label are reissued on this single CD, both featuring underrated horn players from the late '40s. Herbie Steward was one of Woody Herman's Four Brothers, but by the time he recorded in 1981 he was playing alto, soprano, and clarinet rather than tenor. Although he had been a studio musician for years, he could still swing well, as shown on such songs as "Take the 'A' Train" (taken as a waltz), "The Song Is You," and "Gone With the Wind." He is heard in a quintet also featuring guitarist Eddie Duran and either Smith Dobson or Tee Carson on piano. The second half of this CD features another Woody Herman veteran, trumpeter Marky Markowitz, in a sextet with trombonist Urbie Green, tenor saxophonist Al Cohn, and pianist John Bunch. Markowitz is in fine form on a few group originals, a swinging "On the Alamo," and "How Deep Is the Ocean ?" This set is easily recommended to swing/bop collectors.
Scott Yanow

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Herbie Steward
Marky Markowitz
The Three Horns of Herb Steward
Marky's Vibes


1 Take the "A" Train (Strayhorn)  6:28
2 Serenata (Anderson)  4:17
3 Song Is You (Kern, Hammerstein)  4:15
4 Madeleine (Steward)  5:07
5 Too Close for Comfort (Boch, Holofcener, Weiss)  4:5
6 Gone With The Wind (Wrubel, Magidson)  6:42
7 Body And Soul (Green, Heyman, Sour, Eyton)  4:34
8 Herb's Blue (Steward)  4:48
9 Marky's Vibes (Cohn) 5:41
10 Over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)  4:34
11 4 1/2 Street, Southwest (Markowitz)  5:37
12 Four Flights Up (Bunch)  5:37
13 How Deep Is The Ocean ? (Berlin)  4:19
14 On the Alamo (Jones, Lyons, Kahn)  6:42


[# 1-8] The Three Horns of Herb Steward
Herb Steward - reeds
Smith Dobson or Tee Carson [# 1, 5-7] - p
Eddie Duran - g
John Mosher - b
Eddie Moores - dr
Recorded at Coast Recording Studios, San Francisco ; March 19, 1981
[# 9-14] Marky's Vibes
Marky Markowitz - tr & flgh
Al Cohn - ts
Urbie Green - tb
John Bunch - p
Milt Hinton - b
Mousey Alexander - dr
Recorded at A&R Studios, New York City ; 1971


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I bought this LP when it first came out (Mark's Vibes"). Then a friend bought the CD twofer. I'm not gonna bother to download this was the problem (and I don't know how it could happen). On "Mark's Vibes" the rhythm section is completely off by two beats per bar. If you listen to it you'll notice that it sounds like you're playing a record backwards.
Certainly a digital glitch in the transfer.It goes on for the entire Markowitz portion of this CD.

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