Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Standard Sonny Rollins

There's nothing standard about this one – as the record's an excellent batch of work from Sonny and his "& Co" lineup that featured Jim Hall on guitar and Herbie Hancock on piano! The format's a bit unusual for Rollins, in that not all the players of the group play at once – so that the album features shifting assemblages of instruments behind Sonny's tenor, running through extremely creative versions of tracks like "Travelin' Light", "Night & Day", "Three Little Words", "My Ship", and "It Could Happen To You". Rollins is at the height of his powers here, and although the session is deceptively simple, his work on the tenor is incredible !
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Sonny Rollins
The Standard Sonny Rollins


1 Autumn Nocturne (Gannon, Myrow)  2:59
2 Night and Day (Porter)  3:17
3 Love Letters (Heyman, Young)  3:27
4 My One and Only Love (Mellin, Wood)  5:59
5 Three Little Words (Kalmar, Ruby)  2:14
6 Trav'lin' Light (Mercer, Mundy, Young)  4:06
7 I'll Be Seeing You (Fain, Kahal)  1:36
8 My Ship (Gershwin, Weill)  4:11
9 It Could Happen to You (Burke, VanHeusen)  4:19
10 Long Ago (And Far Away) (Gershwin, Kern)  2:47
11 Winter Wonderland (Bernard, Smith)  5:18
12 When You Wish upon a Star (Harline, Washington)  3:16
13 Trav'lin' Light (Mercer, Mundy, Young)  12:44


[# 1-10]
Sonny Rollins - ts
Herbie Hancock - p [# 4 & 9]
Jim Hall - g [# 3, 8 & 10]
Bob Cranshaw - b
Mickey Roker - dr
Except [# 6] Hancock, Hall, Teddy Smith - b
David Izenzon - arco (bowed) b
Stu Martin - dr
Recorded at the RCA Victor Studios ; June & July, 1964
[# 11 & 12]
Sonny Rollins - ts
Herbie Hancock - p
Bob Cranshaw - b
Mikey Roker - dr
Recorded at the RCA Victor Studios ; July 2, 1964
[# 13]
Same personnel and session (June 11, 1964) as selection 6 above


wouter said...

thank you very much for the stadard rollins, mel! this is one of the few sonny rollins albums that has eluded me until now... looking forward to hearing it very much!

swamielmo said...

oh my, this looks great, i have enjoyed sonny rollins for over 50 years of my life. this is new and looks great. thanks melanchthon

theblueamos said...

thank you very much from jerusalem.all the best mel

rm said...

merci beaucoup!

Philo said...

This is one I haven't seen before.

Many thanks. Another delightful jazz obscurity.

deGallo said...

Thank you for SR-Standards.

Frasco said...

Many thanks for another Sonny blockbuster, Melanchthon!

boro boy said...

I have fond memories of this one. Many thanks for making it available again Mel.

Terry said...

As with other contributors, I'd not heard of this before. Thanks Melanchthon for anoher excellent album

Otis Foster said...

Thanks mel - new Rollins session for me

Scoredaddy said...

excellent, thanks

Angelo said...


grumpy said...
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grumpy said...

Thank you melanchthon.

I have had the vinyl of this for years and am amazed to see this described as an obscurity or ‘completely unknown’! Surely Rollin's RCA recordings are part of the main body of work of one of jazz's greatest practitioners?

Philo said...


As the person who used the term "obscurity" may I respectfully suggest that obscurity lies in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps, rather than being a qualitative judgement, it simply identifies the ignorance or unfamiliarity of the commenter as regards the object of the comment.

From my point of view Sonny Rollins is a well-know & much appreciated artist. But I had never encountered nor previously heard of the album. A check of AMG revealed a listing but no review. Based on that, and since I enjoyed the music, the album qualified (for me) as a delightful obscurity.

Speaking generally, for me much of what is posted here falls in the category of delightful obscurity. And I am thrilled to encounter these albums and artists. Without these posts I would be even more ignorant of jazz recorded in the 1950s and early 1960s. A lot of learning takes place outside of classrooms in venues such as this. It's one of the things that makes this blog so much fun.

grumpy said...


I agree with you entirely about the educative nature of blogs such as this. I have been listening to jazz for the best part of 50 years and I still come across not only albums but significant artists with whom I have previously been unfamiliar - marvellous isn't it?

Re the Sonny Rollins, no criticism was intended of anyone here and I hope no offence taken, when I expressed surprise that jazz afficianados should be unfamiliar with this album. It was more astonishment and a sad reflection that, in our contemporary culture, even the work of the greatest artists can become obscure.

At one time RCA issued a boxed set of Rollins' complete recordings but I fear it is no longer available.

LaroSwing said...

Your blog is the best I've encountered on the web for years! ;-)

outrage music said...

wow, thanks! grabbing and listening to lots of the stuff on this blog, amazing stuff!

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Otis Foster said...

You're helping me restore a lot of my lost files. Thnx Melanchthon

neil said...

Missed this first time around, mel; so many thanks for making it available again...

CrunchyFrog said...

I worship at the altar of Sonny! thanks a million for the chance to hear this!

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kantorei49 said...

Melanchthon ありがとう! from Japan

kristophermc28 said...

Thanks again Mel. Love Rollins, but don't have this one.

Mike said...

Spent some time rummaging around, as I was pretty certain that I had all of this material... but no. Seven of the tracks do appear on 'Sonny Rollins & Company 1964' but the others? Probably on the complete RCA set, one imagines. So, once again, thanks for a treat, Melanchthon!