Saturday, February 16, 2013

Randy Weston à la Bohemia

Randy Weston, who was more under Thelonious Monk's influence back in 1956 then he would be in the near future, is in top form during this live set. His quartet features the rarely heard but talented baritonist Cecil Payne, bassist Ahmed Abdul-Malik and drummer Al Dreares. Highpoints of the straightahead set (which has been reissued on CD) include the calypso "Hold 'Em Joe" (recorded almost a decade before Sonny Rollins), "It's All Right with Me" (one of two trio tracks) and the lone Weston original on the date, the stimulating "Chessman's Delight."
Scott Yanow

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Randy Weston
Jazz á la Bohemia


1 Theme: Solemn Meditation (Gill) 0:45
2 Just a Riff (Catlett) 9:50
3 You Go to My Head (Coots, Gillespie) 6:10
4 Once in a While (Edwards, Green) 6:26
5 Hold 'Em Joe (Traditional) 7:24
6 It's All Right With Me (Porter) 3:48
7 Chessman's Delight (Weston) 9:26
8 Theme: Solemn Meditation (Gill) 1:24

Randy Weston - p
Cecil Payne - bs
Ahmed Abdul-Malik - b
Al Dreares - dr

Recorded at the Cafe Bohemia, New York ; October 25, 1956


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