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Gil Mellé & Guests

Baritonist Gil Melle's recordings are usually a bit unusual and this CD reissue is no exception. Melle's nine compositions are performed by one of three sextet/septets featuring either Art Farmer, Kenny Dorham or Donald Byrd on trumpets, Hal McKusick or Phil Woods on alto, guitarist Joe Cinderella, bassist Vinnie Burke, drummer Ed Thigpen and sometimes either Julius Watkins on French horn or Don Butterfield on tuba. The charts are unpredictable and often dramatic, looking ahead toward a musical future that never occurred. Watkins takes solo honors during his three appearances.
Scott Yanow

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Gil Melle
Gil's Guests


1 Soudan  6:21
2 Tomorrow  6:10
3 Block Island  4:57
4 Sixpence  5:52
5 Still Life  8:10
6 Ghengis  3:46
7 Funk for Star People [*]  6:37
8 Golden Age [*]  6:46
9 Herbie [*]  4:21

*Bonus tracks
All compositions by Gil Mellé

Featuring Gil Mellé, Art Farmer, Hal McKusick, Julius Watkins, Joe Cinderella, Vinnie Burke, Edmund Thigpen, Kenny Dorham, Don Butterfield, Donald Byrd, Phil Woods.

Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey ; [# 1-3] August 10, 1956 ; [# 4-6] August 24, 1956 & [# 7-9] January 18, 1957.

(See the complete artwork for all details, dates, sessions, etc...)


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