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Erroll Garner on Dial [complete sessions]

Garner was born in 1921 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father was a trumpet player, his three sisters were musically inclined, and his older brother, Linton, became an accomplished pianist. At the age of three, Garner began playing the piano. He never learned to read music, but had an acute ear and an encyclopedic musical memory that served him well. He made his radio debut on the local station KDKA at the age of seven, performing with a group named the Kan-D-Kids. He had graduated to performing with local bands on riverboats on the Allegheny River by age 11, but continued in the shadow of his older brother until discovered by famed pianist Mary Lou Williams.
Garner moved to New York City in the early 1940s where he jammed with such bebop pioneers as Charlie Parker. Garner connected there with well-known bassist Slam Stewart. Garner’s first recording session for Savoy Records was with Stewart’s trio.  Later, Garner formed his own trio which recorded for the Mercury and Disc labels. A two-year sojourn in California brought Garner into the studio with Charlie Parker for Dial records, where he played on the famous Cool Blues session. He also recorded there under his own name with John Simmons on bass and Alvin Stoller on drums, which included his first big success, “Laura,” in 1945.
In 1950 at Detroit’s Music Hall, Garner gave his first concert, one of the first jazz artists to do so. His popular appeal was immediately apparent. While continuing to concertize, he began recording extensively for the Savoy, Rex, Signature, and Atlantic labels, leading up to his landmark composition and interpretation of the song “Misty,” recorded in 1954. Garner’s best-known tune, it was a hit for him, and with lyrics added by Johnny Burke, it went on to be a hit for Sarah Vaughn, Johnny Mathis, and others. “Misty” was also acknowledged by ASCAP as one of the 25 most performed songs of the 20th century, the only jazz song on that list; by NBC-TV’s Today Show, which used it as its theme music; and as the title song and theme music for Clint Eastwood’s film directing debut, Play Misty for Me, for which Garner rerecorded his tune. Also in 1954, Garner and his manager founded their own label, Octave Records.

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Erroll Garner

Complete sessions



1 Laura (Raskin, Mercer)  3:33
2 Yesterdays (Kern)  2:00
3 Erroll's Bounce (Garner)  2:41
4 Diane (unknow)  2:29
5 This is Always (Warren, Gordon)  3:15
6 Dark Shadows (Henry, Coleman)  3:08
7 Bird's Nest (Parker)  2:01
8 Hot Blues (Parker)  2:46
9 Cool Blues (Parker)  3:11
10 Pastel (Garner)  2:59
11 Trio [take 1] (Garner)  3:12
12 Trio [take 2] (Garner)  3:08
13 Trio [take 1] (Garner)  2:50
14 Erroll's Blues (Garner)  2:12
15 Play Piano, Play (Garner)  3:19
16 Love is the Strangest Game
[take 1] (Garner)  3:22
17 Love is the Strangest Game
[take 2] (Garner)  2:52
18 Blues Garni (Garner)  2:45
19 Don't Worry 'Bout Me
[take 1] (Koelher, Bloom)  3:48
20 Don't Worry 'Bout Me [take 2] (Koelher, Bloom)  3:06
21 Don't Worry 'Bout Me
[take 3] (Koelher, Bloom)  3:18
22 Loose Nut (Garner)  3:02
23 Love for Sale (Porter)  2:51
24 Fantasy on Frankie and Johnny (Garner)  2:59
25 Slow Gin Fiz (Garner)  2:49
26 Erroll's Bounce (Garner)  2:27


[# 1-4]
Erroll Garner - p

Recorded unknown studio, Los Angeles ; Late-February 1946 [# 1 &2] ; & May 1946 [# 3 & 4]
[# 5-9] Charlie Parker, vol. 2 LP 202
Charlie Parker - as
Erroll Garner - p
Red Callender - b
Doc West - dr
Earl Coleman - voc

Recorded at C.P. MacGregor Studios, 729 SW Avenue near 8th. Street, Hollywood, California ; February 19, 1947
[# 10-13]
Erroll Garner - p
Same as above, except Parker & Coleman are out
Sam date as above ; except [# 13] Los Angeles ; March 1947
[# 14]
Erroll Garner - p
Irving Ashby - g

Recorded at Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, Hollywoo ; Tuesday April 29, 1947
[# 15-25]
Erroll Garner - p

Recorded at C.P. MacGregor Studios, 729 SW Avenue near 8th. Street, Hollywood, California ; Tuesday June 10, 1947


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