Friday, February 15, 2013

Don Friedman - Flashback

Pianist Don Friedman's debt to Bill Evans was obvious in the early '60s, particularly on standards, but he also had his own creative spirit to offer. This 1997 CD reissue brings out Friedman's third of four Riverside dates, teaming him with the obscure bassist Dick Kniss and drummer Dick Berk. The pianist shows that he was developing an original voice and was familiar with the avant-garde of the period on such originals as "Ohcre" and "Flashback." In contrast, he swings conventionally but with subtle creativity on "Alone Together," "News Blues" and "How Deep Is the Ocean." A fine, well-rounded set from the underrated pianist.
Scott Yanow

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Don Friedman


1 Alone Together (Dietz, Schwartz) 4:38
2 Ballade in C-Sharp Minor (Friedman) 6:25
3 Wait 'Til You See Her (Hart, Rodgers) 4:18
4 News Blues (Friedman) 4:59
5 Ochre (Theme-solo-duet-theme) (Friedman) 7:45
6 How Deep Is the Ocean ? (Berlin) 5:49
7 Flashback (Friedman) 6:56

Don Friedman - p
Dick Kniss - b
Dick Berk - dr

Recorded in New York City ; 1963


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I believe Dick Kniss played with JR Monterose on some of his upstate NY sessions in the 1980s.

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