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Conte Candoli - Powerhouse Trumpet

One of the best 50s albums from trumpeter Conte Candoli — and that's saying a heck of a lot, given how often Conte recorded during the decade ! The set's got an edge you don't always find on other Candoli sessions — especially some of the large group material – and the group's nice and small, and very tight — with Bill Holman on tenor, Lou Levy on piano, Larry Marable on drums, and Leroy Vinnegar on bass. The quintet cooks wonderfully — with very sharp, soulful solos from both Holman and Candoli — at a level that's got more of the Mode Records bite than some other Bethlehem sides from the west coast at the time. Obviously, the rhythm section's a great one — and really helps the record cook – on titles that include "Full Count", "Four", "Groovin Higher", and "Jazz City Blues".

Source : https://www.dustygroove.com/item/64453

  Conte Candoli
Powerhouse Trumpet


1 Toots Sweet (Homan)  5:26
2 Jazz City Blues (Holman)  4:12
3 My Old Flame (Coslow, Johnston)  5:43
4 Full Count (Candoli)  6:25
5 I'm Getting Sentimental over You (Bassman, Washington)  3:09
6 Four (Davis)  3:58
7 Groovin' Higher (Candoli)  5:11


Conte Candoli - tp
Bill Holman - ts
Lou Levy - p
Lawrence Marable - b
Leroy Vinnegar - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; July 26, 1955

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Conte Candoli - Powerhouse trumpet

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