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The Music of Bob Cooper

Tenor saxophonist Bob Cooper's only Contemporary album (reissued on CD in the Original Jazz Classics series) is a near-classic and one of his finest recordings. Cooper, along with trombonist Frank Rosolino, vibraphonist Victor Feldman, pianist Lou Levy, bassist Max Bennett, and drummer Mel Lewis, performs colorful versions of five standards (best are "Confirmation," "Easy Living," and "Somebody Loves Me") that show off his attractive tone and ability to swing at any tempo. Half of the release consists of his "Jazz Theme and Four Variations," a very interesting work that holds together quite well throughout 23-and-a-half minutes and five movements. Three trumpeters (including Conte Candoli) and one trombone are added to make the ensembles richer. This set is an underrated gem.
Scott Yanow

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The Music of
Bob Cooper
Coops !


1 Jazz Theme & Four Variations (Cooper)  23:34
Main Theme - Sunday Mood 4:04 - 1st Var. A Blue Period  4:09
2nd Var. Happy Changes - 3nd Var. Night Stroll  6:38
4nd Var. Saturday Dance  4:42
6 Confirmation (Parker)  4:18
7 Easy Living (Rainger, Robin)  4:19
8 Frankie and Johnny (Trad.)  5:50
9 Day Dream (Ellington, Latouche, Strayhorn)  3:25
10 Somebody Loves Me (DeSylva, Gershwin, MacDonald)  3:19


Bob Cooper - ts
Frank Rosolino - tb
Johnny Halliburton - tb [# 1, 1-4 var.]
Pete Candoli, Don Fagerquist, Conte Candoli - tp [# 1, 1-4 var.]
Victor Feldman - vbhrp
Lou Levy - p
Max Bennett - b
Mel Lewis - dr

Recorded at Contemporary's Studio; in Los Angeles ; August 26-27, 1957


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Great post Mel. I remember this in vinyl. Simply great music from Bob Cooper. You have a wonderful site that lets us ol' timers go back to the great early days of jazz, either east or west coast. So much of this jazz is almost impossible to find anymore and the fact that it is 50 years old makes it a great treat to come here and look. You and the people who help get my salute and THANKS.

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