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Friday, December 20, 2013

Pee Wee Russel - New Groove & The College Concert

Pee Wee Russell spent much of his career being known as an eccentric clarinetist who was usually heard in freewheeling Dixieland settings, often under the leadership of Eddie Condon. Russell’s very spontaneous solos, which could sound pretty radical compared to the others in the groups, always stood out from the crowd even when heard in crowded ensembles. He really did not fit securely into any standardized style.
Starting in the late 1950s and up until his death in 1969, Russell was occasionally heard in more modern settings. Typically, he remained unpredictable in those groups but they did allow him the freedom to explore a fresher repertoire and to stretch himself even more. Two of his later recordings, New Groove and The College Concert, are reissued in full on this CD along with one selection (“Mariooch”) that was the only quartet number from the Jazz Reunion record of 1961.
New Groove is one of two albums that Russell made in quartets organized by Marshall Brown. Brown, on valve trombone and bass trumpet, bassist Russell George and drummer Ron Lundberg join Russell in a set list that is quite wide ranging. The nine songs range from Count Basie (“Taps Miller” and “Moten Swing”) and bop (“Good Bait” and “’Round Midnight”) to John Coltrane’s “Red Planet” and Russell’s trademark “Pee Wee’s Blues.” Throughout the set, Russell plays in his own unique style, sounding both hesitant and confident at the same time.
The College Concert from 1967 teams Russell with trumpeter Henry “Red” Allen for the first time on records since 1932. Joined by a young andmodern rhythm section (pianist Steve Kuhn, bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Marty Morell), the two veteran horn players perform a relaxed set comprised of a variety of blues, “I Want A Little Girl” and an excellent Allen feature on “Body And Soul.” This is the first time that this music has been made available on CD.
This generous disc brings back rare and enjoyable music from the at Pee Wee Russell that is well worth hearing.
Scott Yanow

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Pee Wee Russel
New Groove
The College Concert


1 My Mother's Eyes (Baer-L., Gilbert)  4:45
2 Chelsea Bridge (Strayhorn)  2:50
3 Red Planet (Coltrane)  4:52
4 Pee Wee's Blues (Russell, Pierce)  4:37
5 Moten Swing (Moten)  4:38
6 ‘Round Midnight (Monk)  3:20
7 Good Bait (Dameron, Basie)  4:11
8 Old Folks (Hill, Robison)  2:44
9 Taps Miller (Basie, Russell)  5:31
10 Blue Monk (Monk)  5:59
11 I Want A Little Girl (Moll, Mencher)  6:07
12 Body And Soul (Heyman, Eyton, Green, Sour)  4:22
13 Pee Wee's Blues (Russell, Pierce)  4:24
14 Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West (Lewis)  4:13
15 Graduation Blues (Russell)  6:51
16 Mariooch (Russell, Pierce, Hinton)  7:19

[# 1-9] New Groove (Columbia CS-8785)
Pee Wee Russell - cl
Marshall Brown - tb & bs tp
Russell George - b
Ron Lundberg - dr
Recorded in New York ; November & December, 1962.
[# 10-15] The College Concert (Impulse AS-9137)
Pee Wee Russell - cl
Henry "Red" Allen - tp & vcl
Steve Kuhn - p
Charlie Haden - b
Marty Morell - dr
Recorded live at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts ; October 29, 1966.
[# 16] Bonus track
Pee Wee Russell - cl
Nat Pierce - p
Milt Hinton -b
Jo Jones - dr
Recorded in New York ; February 23, 1961

This edition contains two amazing original albums by the great Pee Wee Russell. New Groove (Columbia CS-8785) presents him fronting his own quartet accompanied by trombone, and a piano-less rhythm section of bass and drums. The second LP, The College Concert of Pee Wee Russell and Henry Red Allen (Impulse AS-9137), appears here for the first time ever on CD. It features the clarinettist in a quintet format co-led by Allen, backed by an impressive modern rhythm section composed of Steve Kuhn on piano, Charlie Haden on bass, and Marty Morell on drums. As a bonus, “Mariooch”, which marks the only quartet song featuring Russell from the larger group album Jazz Reunion.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Pee Wee Russell Quartet - Ask Me Now !

After a lifetime spent playing unusual and unpredictable clarinet solos in Dixieland settings, Russell late in life broke out of the stereotype and played in more modern settings. This Impulse LP (begging to be reissued on CD) has his clarinet placed in a pianoless quartet with valve trombonist Marshall Brown, playing tunes by John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, and Ornette Coleman, along with some classic ballads. It is a remarkable and very lyrical date that briefly rejuvenated the career of this veteran individualist.
Scott Yanow

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 Pee Wee Russell

Ask Me Now !


1 Turnaround (Coleman) 4:14
2 How About Me ? (Berlin) 4:16
3 Ask Me Now ! (Monk) 2:30
4 Some Other Blues (Coltrane) 3:16
5 I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (Brown, Clare) 3:26
6 Licorice Stick (Brown) 3:36
7 Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington, Gordon, Mills) 2:41
8 Baby, You Can Count on Me (Stewart) 5:01
9 Hackensack (Monk) 3:37
10 Angel Eyes (Brent, Dennis) 2:51
11 Calypso Walk (Brown) 2:34

Pee Wee Russell - cl
Marshall Brown - b tp & tb
Russell George - b
Ronnie Bedford - dr

Recorded in New York, New York ; April 9-10, 1963