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Wes Montgomery With Strings

Do not be fooled by the title "Fusion", nor be put off by the strings. This is the very last of Wes' recordings for Riverside and it is five star all the way. The playing is somewhat 'future Wes', but this is a swinging session. Check out especially both takes of "Tune Up". On the alternate take, Wes misses an easy octave, plays 'Pop Goes The Weasel', shows his frustration, then proceeds to tear up the turnaround so deliciously with his phrasing and touch that it may be one of my top 5 Wes moments ever recorded. To this day, when Jimmy Ponder plays "Tune Up" it is this arrangement that he almost always chooses. These sessions are included on the "Complete Riverside Recordings" and were also released as a Milestone Records LP under the title "Pretty Blue" in 1974. I'll take that title over "Fusion" any day of the week. "Pretty Blue" is worth trying to find (if you have a turntable...) solely for the liner notes by Orrin Keepnews. Forget the title and enjoy the recording !
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Fusion !
the incredible guitar of
Wes Montgomery
With Strings


1 All the Way (Cahn, VanHeusen)  2:38
2 Pretty Blue* [take 2] (Montgomery)  3:39
3 In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (James, Elliott)  2:49
4 Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington)  3:07
5 The Girl Next Door* (Blane, Martin) 3:05
6 My Romance (Rodgers, Hart)  2:29
7 God Bless the Child [take 4 - originally issued take] (Rodgers, Hart)  3:17
8 God Bless the Child [take 2 - previously unissued take] (Herzog, Holiday)  3:15
9 Tune-Up [take 5 - originally issued take] (Davis)  3:13
10 Tune-Up [take 2 - previously unissued take] (Davis)  5:08
11 Tune-Up [take 4 - previously unissued take] (Davis)  4:45
12 Somewhere (Bernstein)  3:28
13 Baubles, Bangles And Beads (Wright, Forrest, Borodin)  2:22


[# 1-8]
Wes Montgomery - g
Hank Jones - p
Dick Hyman - p*
Kenny Burrell - g
Milt Hinton - b
Osie Johnson - dr
Phil Bodner - wwnds
Gloria Agastini - hrp
Gene Orloff, Harry Loofofsky, David Nadien... - vl
Alfred Brown, Burt Fisch - vla
Charles McCracken, George Ricci - cel
Jimmy Jones - arr. & cond.
Recorded at Plaza Sound Studios, New York City ; April 18, 1963.
[# 9-13]
Wes Montgomery - g
Dick Hyman - p
Kenny Burrell - g
Milt Hinton - b
Osie Johnson - dr
Phil Bodner - wwnds
Margaret Rose - hrp
Recorded same place as above ; April 19, 1963


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