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Lee Konitz - Zo-Ko-Ma

Guitarist Attila Zoller, alto saxophonist Lee Konitz and trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff had played with one another on earlier occasions for over a decade, but this 1968 recording was their first together though Zo-Ko-Ma is officially billed by producer Joachim Ernst-Berendt as the "Attila Zoller-Lee Konitz Quartet with guest Albert Mangelsdorff." Joined by bassist Barre Phillips and drummer Stu Martin on some tracks, a good deal of the music has an experimental feeling to it, especially Konitz's "Feeling-In and Filling-In Villingen," which feature overlapping improvisations by the three players. Zoller's easygoing waltz "At Twighlite" and Mangelsdorff's "Alat's Mood" (the latter a trombone/guitar duet) are straight-ahead arrangements, while Konitz's haunting "Danke for the Memory" is a spacy trio piece with bass and guitar. Issued on LP by MPS in Europe, this extraordinary session is long overdue to be re-released on CD.
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Lee Konitz


1 Zores Mores (Mangelsdorff)  5:42
2 Feeling-In and Filling-In in Villingen (Konitz)  4:10
3 Ach ! Tavia / Skertzo / Alicia's Lullaby (Konitz, Mangelsdorff, Zoller)  6:22
4 At Twighlit (Zoller)  5:52  (Zoller)  4:37
6 Alat's Mood (Mangelsdorff)  4:50
7 Freeline Fraulein (Konitz)  4:41
8 Danke for the Memory (Konitz)  4:02
10 Rumpelstilzchen (Zoller)  4:37


Attila Zoller - g
Lee Konitz - as
Albert Mangelsdorff - tb
Barre Phillips - b
Stu Martin - dr

Recorded at MPS-Studio, Villingen ; March 3 & 14, 1968


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