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Johnny Smith Plays Jimmy Van Heusen

Guitarist Johnny Smith plays the music of Jimmy Van Heusen — a composer whose understated approach is a perfect match for the subtle style of the stringman ! The songs are mostly easygoing numbers, in a style that suits Johnny well — and allows him to open up those fluid tones and colors in just the right way. Backing is by a trio that features Bob Pancoast on piano, George Roumanis on bass, and Jerry Segal on drums — working with a vibe that matches the strength of Smith's other Roost sessions from the time — the kind of albums that helped redefine the role of the guitar in jazz during the postwar years...
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Johnny Smith
Jimmy Van Heusen


1 But Beautiful 2:48
2 Swingin' On A Star  2:50
3 I Could Have Told You  2:47
4 It Could Happen To You  2:04
5 Oh You Crazy Moon  2:32
6 I Thought About You  2:10
7 Deep in A Dream  2:47
8 So Help Me  2:50
9 Nancy  3:11
10 Polka Dots and Moon Beams  2:41
11 Darn That Dream  3:28
12 Imagination  2:33

All Compositions by Jimmy Van Heusen


Johnny Smith - g
Bob Pancoast - p
George Roumanis - b
Jerry Segal - dr

Recorded in New York ; possibly September 25, 1955


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