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Howard McGhee, vol. 2 & Tal Farlow Quartet

Among the rarest Blue Note recordings are the ones issued in the early '50s on ten-inch LPs, a format that did not catch on (being quickly overshadowed by twelve-inch LPs). Among the two albums that fell into the cracks were sessions by Howard McGhee (another CD has his initial Blue Note date) and Tal Farlow. This 1998 CD contains all of the music from two former albums. McGhee's half matches the trumpeter with altoist Gigi Gryce (doubling quite effectively on flute), guitarist Farlow, pianist Horace Silver, bassist Percy Heath and drummer Walter Bolden. While that bop-oriented band plays originals by McGhee, Gryce and Bolden (none of which caught on) plus the standard "Goodbye," and is joined by a new alternate take, the main reason to acquire this CD is for the Tal Farlow session. He is joined by second guitarist Don Arnone, bassist Clyde Lombardi and drummer Joe Morello for three standards ("Lover," "Flamingo" and "All Through the Night") plus a trio of the leader's originals during what was Farlow's first recording as a leader. Even at that early stage, Tal Farlow was a giant.
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Howard McGhee
vol. 2


1 Jarm (McGhee)  4:32
2 Goodbye (Jenkins)  4:06
3 Futurity (Gryce)  4:01
4 Shabozz (Gryce)  3:56
5 Tranquility (McGhee)  4:07
6 Ittapnna (Bolden)  3:46
7 Jarm [alt. take] (McGhee)  3:54
8 Lover (Rodgers, Hart)  4:03
9 Flamingo (Grouya, Henderson)  4:29
10 Splash (Farlow)  3:34
11 Rock ‘N’ Rye (Farlow)  4:03
12 All Through The Night (Porter)  4:05
13 Tina (Farlow)  3:57


[# 1-7]
Originally issued as “Howard McGhee Volume 2 (BLP 5024)”
Howard McGhee - tp
Gigi Gryce - as & fl
Tal Farlow - g
Horace Silver - p
Percy Heath - b
Walter Bolden - dr 
Recorded by Doug Watkins at WOR studios, New York City ; May 20, 1953
[# 8-13] Tal Farlow Quartet. Originally issued as “Tal Farlow Quartet (BLP 5042)”
Tal Farlow - g
Don Arnone - g
Clyde Lombardi - b
Joe Morello - dr 
Recorded by Rudy Van Gelder at the Van Gelder Studios, Hackensack, New Jersey ; April 11, 1954


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