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Buddy Collette - Cool, Calm, and Collette

In the summer of 1956, Buddy Collette left Chico Hamiltons successful quintet to begin his own career as a leader. His first quartet stayed together for three months. Then, along with John Goodman, still on bass, Buddy found in pianist Dick Shreve, and drummer Bill Dolney, his ideal rhythm section. With such an outstanding group, Collette, on alto, tenor, clarinet and flute, developed a concept full of beauty, taste and strength, played with warmth and great feeling.
Dick Shreve, too, proves in these sessions that he was not only a talented and underrated pianist in a gentle and reflective manner, but also a fine composer. On the last date of this set, Eugene Wright and Bill Richmond, replacing Goodman and Dolney, sustain the mood just as impressively.
Jordi Pujol, from the booklet

Buddy Collette
Cool, Calm, and Collette


1 Makin Whoopee (Donaldson, Kahn)  2:36
2 Fall Winds (Collette)  5:18
3 Minor Deviation (Shreve)  4:38
4 Change It (Collette)  3:15
5 Ill Remember April (Ray, DdePaul Johnston)  3:05
6 Winston Walks (Goodman)  2:58
7 If She Had Stayed (Shreve)  3:38
8 They Cant Take That Away From Me (Gershwin)  3:54
9 Undecided (Shavers, Robin)  3:22
10 Flute in "D" (Collette)  4:55
11 The Continental (Conrad, Magidson)  3:10
12 Three And One (Collette)  3:34
13 Night in Tunisia (Gillespie Paparelli)  4:12
14 Johnny Walks (Collette)  6:25
15 Perfidia (Dominguez)  2:55
16 Morning Jazz (Shreve)  3:46
17 Orlando Blues (Collette)  4:37
18 Soft Touch (Collette)  3:46
19 Old School (Wright)  4:46
20 Debbie (Shreve)  3:57


[# 1-16]
Buddy Collette - fl, cl, as & ts
Dick Shreve - p
John Goodman - b
Bill Dolney - dr
Recorded at ABC Studios ; November 19 & 29, 1956 [# 1-5] ; & January 24, 1957 [# 6-16]
[# 1 & 2] from "Stars of Jazz" TV Show
[# 3-5] from "Nice Day with Buddy Collette" (Contemporary C 3531)
[# 6-16] from "Calm, Cool and Collette" (ABC Paramount ABC 179)
[# 17-20] from "Everybody's Buddy" (Challenge CHL-603)
Buddy Collette - fl, cl, as & ts
Dick Shreve - p
Eugene Wright - b
Bill Richmond - dr
Recorded in Hollywood ; May 14, 1957


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