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Bud Powell - The Complete Blue Note & Roost Recordings (1947-1963)

In commemorating what should have been the pianist's 70th birthday, Blue Note has followed Verve Records in issuing an epic 4-CD anthology of one of jazz's greatest innovators. The Complete Blue Note and Roost Recordings covers a ten year period, encompassing all of Powell's collaborations with producer Alfred Lion (plus those of Teddy Reig and Francis Wolff) — what aficionados consider to be his most consistent body of work. Bud Powell's mental and physical health have long been a major component in his mythology, and the Blue Note box is no exception. But for listeners not already saturated in jazz lore, the issue of Powell's technical decline is overrated. These nine sessions comprise a creative arc most improvisers will never approach — the pianist/composer's only significant competition was... Bud Powell. So while there's nothing quite like the headlong intensity of his 1951 Latin jazz masterpiece "Un Poco Loco," Powell's final 1958 Blue Note session with Philly Joe Jones and Sam Jones has plenty of soul and fire (particularly a Monkish "Marmalade"). Taken as a whole, the Blue Note tracks show his sensitivity and harmonic acumen growing ever deeper, even as his sheer technical authority waned and he began resorting to more customary pianistic devices such as block chord voicings. And as sublime ballads like "Embraceable You" prove, his expressive powers generally transcended his chops on a given day. Essential listening.
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Bud Powell
The Complete Blue Note & Roost


Cd. 1

1 I'll Remember April (Raye, DePaul, Johnston)  2:54
2 Indiana (MacDonald, Hanley)  2:45
3 Somebody Loves Me (MacDonald, DeSylva, Gershwin)  2:56
4 I Should Care (Cahn, Stordahl, Weston)  3:02
5. Bud's Bubble (Powell)  2:36
6 Off Minor (Monk)  2:24
7 Nice Work If You Can Get It (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:20
8 Everything Happens to Me (Adair, Dennis)  2:41
9 Bouncing with Bud [alt. take 1] (Powell)  3:05
10 Bouncing with Bud [alt. take 2] (Powell)  3:15
11 Bouncing with Bud (Powell)  3:03
12 Wail [alt. take] (Powell)  2:43
13 Wail (Powell)  3:06
14 Dance of Infidels [alt. take] (Powell)  2:52
15 Dance of Infidels (Powell)  2:54
16 52nd Street Theme (Monk)  2:50
17 You Go to My Head (Coots, Gillespie)  3:15
18 Ornithology (Parker, Harris)  2:24
19 Ornithology [alt. take] (Parker, Harris)  3:11
20 Un Poco Loco [alt. take 1] (Powell)  3:50
21 Un Poco Loco [alt. take 2] (Powell)  4:32
22 Un Poco Loco (Powell)  4:45
23 Over the Rainbow (Harburg, Arlen)  2:57


Cd. 2

1 A Night in Tunisia (Robin, Gillespie)  4:17
2 A Night in Tunisia [alt. take] (Robin, Gillespie)  3:53
3 It Could Happen to You [alt. take] (Burke, VanHeusen)  2:24
4 It Could Happen to You (Burke, VanHeusen)  3:15
5 Parisian Thoroughfare (Powell)  3:26
6 Autumn in New York (Duke)  2:55
7 Reets and I (Harris)  3:22
8 Reets and I [alt. take] (Harris)  2:34
9 Sure Thing (Kern, Gershwin)  2:42
10 Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas [alt. take] (Pettiford)  2:13
11 Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas (Pettiford)  3:05
12 Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Burke, VanHeusen)  4:04
13 I Want to Be Happy (Vincent, Youmans)  2:53
14 Audrey (Powell)  2:58
15 Glass Enclosure (Powell)  2:24
16 Embraceable You (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:51
17 Burt Covers Bud (Powell)  3:07
18 My Heart Stood Still (Hart, Rodgers)  3:20
19 You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (Porter)  2:41
20 Bags' Groove (Jackson)  2:14
21 My Devotion (Hillman, Napton)  3:05
22. Stella by Starlight (Young, Washington)  2:10
23 Woody 'n You (Gillespie)  2:58


Cd. 3

1 Blue Pearl (Powell)  3:49
2 Blue Pearl [alt. take] (Powell)  4:04
3 Keepin' In The Groove (Powell)  2:55
4 Some Soul (Powell)  6:59
5 Frantic Fancies (Powell)  4:54
6 Bud On Bach (Powell)  2:31
7 Idaho (Stone)  5:18
8 Don't Blame Me (McHugh, Fields)  7:33
9 Moose The Mooche (Parker)  5:47
10 John's Abbey [alt. take] (Powell)  2:25
11 Sub City [alt. take] (Powell)  2:30
12 Sub City (Powell)  4:30
13 John's Abbey (Powell)  5:39
14 Buster Rides Again (Powell)  5:33


Cd. 4

1 Dry Soul (Powell)  6:43
2 Marmalade (Powell)  4:32
3 Monopoly (Powell)  4:51
4 Time Waits (Powell)  5:07
5 The Scene Changes (Powell)  4:04
6 Down With It (Powell)  4:02
7 Comin' Up [alt. take] (Powell)  5:31
8 Comin' Up (Powell)  8:00
9 Duid Deed (Powell)  5:10
10 Cleopatra's Dream (Powell)  4:25
11 Gettin' There (Powell)  5:06
12 Crossin' The Channel (Powell)  3:32
13 Danceland (Powell)  3:45
14 Borderick (Powell)  2:02
15 Like Someone In Love (Burke, VanHeusen)  6:18


[Cd. 1, # 1-8]
Bud Powell - p
Curly Russell - b
Max Roach - dr
Recorded in New York City ; January 10, 1947
[Cd. 1, # 9-19]
Fats Navarro - tp
Sonny Rollins - ts
Bud Powell - p
Tommy Potter - b
Roy Haynes - dr
Recorded at WOR Studios, New York City ; August 8, 1949
[Cd. 1, # 20-23 ; & Cd. 2, # 1-5]
Bud Powell - p
Curly Russell - b
Max Roach - dr
Recorded at WOR Studios, New York City ; May 1, 1951
[Cd. 2, # 6-15]
Bud Powell - p
George Duvivier - b
Art Taylor - dr
Recorded at WOR Studios, New York City ; August 14, 1953
[Cd. 2, # 16-23]
Same as above
Recorded in New York City ; September 1953
[Cd. 3, # 1-6]
Bud Powell - p
Paul Chambers - b
Art Taylor - dr
Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey ; August 3, 1957
[Cd. 3, # 7-9]
Same as above, except
Curtis Fuller - tb, is added
Same session as above
[Cd. 3, # 10-14 ; & Cd. 4, # 1-4]
Bud Powell - p
Sam Jones - b
Philly Joe Jones - dr
Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey ; May 24, 1958
[Cd. 4, # 5-14]
Bud Powell - p
Paul Chambers - b
Art Taylor - dr
Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey ; December 29, 1958
[Cd. 4, # 15]
Bud Powell - p
Pierre Michelot - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded at the CBS Studios, Paris ; May 23, 1963


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