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The Swingin’ Guitar Of Marcel Bianchi (1937-1953)

The present compilation is essentially based on recordings create [before the start and during the Second Wold War], before Marcel Bianchi decides to adopt almost in a definite way the electric guitar. In Switzerland he discovers something which modified his career : his first electric guitar, bought in Basel in 1944, an instrument made in Switzerland, inspired by the famous American Gibson guitars, such as those used by famous guitarist Charlie Christian, who Marcel knows and admires so much ! Thus, he becomes the real pioneer of the amplfied instrument : first of all in Switzerland in 1944, then in France since 1945.
The sides of this collection were mainly recorded between 1938 and 1946, including the "Swiss career" of our guitarist. Some of these recordings are of discographic origin ; some others come from radio performances, either with Bob Huber's orchestra, Jerry Thomas' ensemble, or pianist Fred Böhler orchestra. In 1944-1945, Marcel Bianchi performances regularly with these groups before coming back to Paris after the end of the War. In 1946, he records his last solos on acoustic guitar, as shows "Celesta", with pianist Lois Unia's group "Tomas and his Merry Boys" (nothing to do with the Swiss orchestra of Jerry Thomas drummer).
The guitar style of Marcel Bianchi, although very influenced by Django Reinhardt's, remains quite recognizable. Firstly, for his very percussive playing, sometimes almost excessive. Secondly, for playing the guitar of Carbonnel, a Marseilles stringed-instruments maker, in a very different tone of the now famous Selmer guitars played by Django.
Marcel was not indifferent to American guitarists, as shows this "Running Ragged" version of legendary duet Eddie Lang-Joe Venuti, who preceded in the jazz history the Reinhardt-Grappelli interpretation...
Patrick Saussois, (English version, Maryury Sauvêtre), from the booklet

Marcel Bianchi
The Swingin’ Guitar
of Marcel Bianchi
(Swing Sessions 1937-1953)


1 Jam Men (Allier)  2:49
2 Peter’s Stomp (Allier)  3:03
3 Farewell Blues (Schoebel, Rappolo, Mares)  3:21
4 Caravan (Tizol, Ellington, Mills)  2:42
5 Seul ce Soir (Durand)  3:18
6 Bonsoir jolie Madame (Trenet)  3:34
7 Caravan (Tizol, Ellington, Mills)  2:44
8 Wabash Blues (Meinken, Ringle)  2:44
9 Flamenco n°1 (Bianchi)  2:41
10. Flamenco n°2 (Bianchi)  2:48
11 When Day is Done (Katscher)  2:38
12 My Blue Heaven (Whitting, Donaldson)  2:23
13 Smoke Rings (Gifford, Washington)  2:50
14 Out of Nowhere (Hayman, Green)  2:53
15 Running Ragged (Venuti)  2:56
16 Bianchi’s Music (Bianchi)  2:39
17 Bianchi Stomp (Bianchi)  1:48
18 Out of Nowhere (Hayman, Green)  2:18
19 Minor Swing (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  3:06
20 Delivery Shout (Huber)  1:53
21 Vocero (Trad.)  2:31
22 Deux mélodies Corses (Trad.)  2:38
23 Celesta (Unia)  2:44
24 Carioca (Youmans, Kahn, Eliscu) - The Continental (Conrad, Magidson)  3:51
25 Night and Day - Begin the Biguine (Porter) - A fine Romance (Kern, Fields)  4:57
26 Top Hat (Berlin) - I Wont Dance (Kern, Hammerstein, Harbach)  1:58


Featuring Marcel Bianchi, Pierre Fouad, Alix Combelle, Tony Rovira, Jerry Thomas, Hubert Rostaing, Antoine Franchi, Jerry Mengo, Armand Molinetti, Pierre Spiers, Ray Stokes, etc...

Recorded between May 15th, 1938 & 1953 

See the complete artwork for all details


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