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The Guitars Inc. - Invitation & Soft and Subtle

These two 1958 albums, Invitation and Soft and Subtle, brought together five of Hollywood’s finest guitarists — namely Tommy Tedesco, Al Hendrickson, Howard Roberts, Bobby Gibbons, and Bill Pitman — under the direction of Jack Marshall, and with the corporate name "The Guitars, Inc." Five talented musicians, each an outstanding soloist in his own right, but all challenged and pleased with the possibilities of the group guitar sound. All five were in constant demand for recordings, radio, television and motion pictures, but they joined forces to combine this unique instrumentation with great musicianship and inventiveness, playing a careful selection of material : the familiar and the obscure, the dreamy and the up-tempo, the swinging and the delicate. You are invited on a voyage of discovery to a new musical realm where taste, subtlety, imagination and charm conspire to bring back the joy of listening to fine music.

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The Guitars Inc.
Soft & Subtle


1 Let’s Get Away from it All (Dennis, Adair)  2:25
2 The Bad and the Beautiful (David, Raksin)  3:01
3 Lullaby of Broadway (Warren, Dubin)  2:19
4 Lullaby of the Leaves (Young, Petkere)  3:56
5 Darn That Dream (Van Heusen, DeLange)  3:30
6 My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Porter)  2:28
7 Invitation (Kaper)  3:52
8 All the Things You Are (Kern, Hammerstein II)  2.02
9 Chloe (Kahn, Moret)  3:30
10 Pick Yourself Up (Kern, Fields)  2:57
11 'Tis Autumn (Henry Nemo)  2:58
12 The Guitars, Inc. (Corb)  2:27
13 El Cumbanchero (Hernández)  2:18
14 Hajji Baba (Tiomkin, Washington)  3:52
15 Lazy Afternoon (Moross, LaTouche)  2:42
16 In an Eighteenth Century Drawing Room (Lawrence, Scott)  3:00
17 Nature Boy (Ahbez)  3:34
18 Get Happy (Arlen, Koehler)  2:22
19 Snowfall (Thornhill)  2:52
20 It Don’t Mean a Thing (Ellington, Mills)  2:38
21 Oasis (Corb)  3:14
22 Our Waltz (Rose)  3:01
23 Paganini’s Progress (Harris)  2:46
24 Goodbye (Jenkins)  2:33


[# 1-12] from the album “Invitation” (Warner Bros. BS 1206)
Tommy Tedesco, Al Hendrickson, Howard Roberts, Bobby Gibbons & Bill Pitman - g
Jack Marshall - ld & cond.
Joe Mondragon - b
Roy Harte [# 6, 8, 10 & 12], Larry Bunker [# 1, 2, 4 & 7], or Mel Lewis [# 3, 5, 9 & 11] - dr
Alvin Stoller - bng
Jack Marshall, Marty Paich, Jack Montrose, Lennie Niehaus, Morty Corb & Brin Bethel - arr.
Recorded at Radio Recorders Hollywood ; April 25, May 25 & June 4, 1958
[# 13-24] from the album “Soft & Subtle” (Warner Bros. BS 1246)
Same guitars as above
Rolly Bundock [# 15, 18 & 22], or Buddy Clark [# 13, 14, 16, 17, 19-24] - b
Alvin Stoller or Mel Lewis [# 15-24] - dr
Carlos Mejía [# 15, 18 & 22] or Mike Pacheco [# 16, 17, 19-24] - bng
Warren Barker, Marty Paich, Jack Marshall, Albert Harris, Bill Holman & Morty Corb - arr.
Recorded at Radio Recorders Hollywood ; September 19, 24 & October 11, 1958


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