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Teddy Wilson - The Complete All-Star Sextette & V-Disc Sessions

Teddy Wilson was the definitive swing pianist, an influential stylist still best known for his association with Benny Goodman ; however, Wilson had a long career after his years with Goodman. This CD mostly features him with his brilliant sextet of 1944-1945 which also includes trumpeter Charlie Shavers and vibraphonist Red Norvo playing concise versions of swing standards. Much of this music had previously been issued but never as complete as on this worthy set. Also here are three Wilson performances from a V-Disc session that features trumpeter Joe Thomas and clarinetist Edmund Hall and two other numbers in which the pianist is backed by a radio orchestra.
Scott Yanow

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Teddy Wilson
Central Avenue Blues
The Complete All-Star Sextette
V-Disc Sessions


1 How High the Moon, Pt. 1 [V-Disc version] (Hamilton, Lewis)  4:12
2 Russian Lullaby [incompl. alt. take] (Berlin)  4:33
3 Russian Lullaby [master take] (Berlin)  4:37
4 After You've Gone (Creamer, Layton)  2:45
5 How High the Moon, Pt. 2 (Hamilton, Lewis)  3:14
6 I Surrender, Dear (Barris, Clifford)  2:54
7 Stompin' at the Savoy (Goodman, Razaf, Sampson, Webb)  2:22
8 Whispering (Coburn, Fisher, Rose, Schoenberger)  2:05
9 I Know That You Know (Caldwell, Youmans)  1:49
10 I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (Daugherty, Neiburg, Reynolds)  2:47
11 Rose Room (Hickman, Williams, Williams)  2:15
12 Body and Soul (Eyton, Green, Heyman, Sour)  2:47
13 China Boy (Boutelje, Winfree)  2:09
14 Talk of the Town (Hynde, Livingston, Neiburg, Symes)  3:15
15 The Sheik of Araby (Smith, Snyder, Wheeler)  2:26
16 Dinah (Akst, Lewis, Young)  2:47
17 Undecided (Robin, Shavers)  2:23
18 Speculation (Norvo, Wilson)  3:05
19 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)  2:28
20 Flying Home (Goodman, Hampton, Robin, Robin)  2:22
21 Central Avenue Blues (Wilson)  2:38
22 Begin the Beguine (Porter)  3:15
23 The Sheik of Araby (Smith, Snyder, Wheeler)  2:32
24 I Want to Be Happy (Caesar, Youmans)  1:36


[# 1-3] V-Disc Session
Joe Thomas - tp
Benny Morton - tb
Edmond Hall - cl
Teddy Wilson - p
Johnny Williams - b
Sid Catlett - dr
Recorded in New York City ; August 13, 1943
[# 4-21] The All-Star Sextette
Charlie Shavers - tp
Red Norvo - vb
Teddy Wilson - p
Remo Palmieri - g
Al Hall - b
Specs Powell - dr
Recorded in New York City ; probably November 1944 and/or May 1945
[# 22]
Teddy Wilson - p
Paul Baron Orchestra
Recorded Summer to Fall, 1944
[# 23 & 24] Unidentified broadcast
Teddy Wilson - p
Radio orchestra, probably including Buck Clayton (other speculative personnel listed in text)
Recorded circa '40s


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Thanks for the blog! On Chronological Classics, Teddy Wilson - 1942-1945 {CC, 908}, are 3. tracks: China Boy (V-Disc rejected), Undecided (V-Disc rejected), Stompin At The Savoy (V-Disc 595, matrix VP-1636); New York, c. November 1944.

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