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Jimmy Giuffre & Jim Hall - The Original Trio

This CD Includes all the recordings made in Studio by the Original Jimmy Giuffre Trio, with Jim Hall on Guitar and Ralph Peña on Bass, in 1956-57. Also included are five tracks with Jim Atlas replacing Ralph Peña on Bass. Three of the tunes were played on Bobby Troup's Famous Kabc TV Show "stars of Jazz" ; and the other two are different versions of his Hit "the Train and the River", one recorded in the studio and the other performed for the TV Program "the Sound of Jazz"

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Jimmy Giuffre
Jim Hall
The Original Trio
[feat. Ralph Peña]


1 Gotta Dance (Giuffre)  2:32
2 Two Kinds of Blues (Giuffre)  5:16
3 The Song Is You (Hammerstein, Kern)  3:56
4 Crazy She Calls Me (Russell, Sigman)  4:18
5 Voodoo (Giuffre)  2:52
6 My All (Giuffre, Russell)  4:12
7 That's the Way It Is (Giuffre)  3:48
8 Crawdad Suite (Giuffre)  7:14
9 The Train and the River (Giuffre)  3:35
10 Four Brothers (Giuffre)  2:42
11 Gotta Dance (Giuffre)  2:19
12 Two Kinds of Blues (Giuffre)  4:46
13 The Train and the River [*] (Giuffre)  4:48
14 The Train and the River [*] (Giuffre)  5:03


Jimmy Giuffre - cl, ts, bs
Jim Hall - g
Ralph Peña or Jim Atlas [on # 13-14] - b 

Recorded in Los Angeles ; December 3, [# 3, 7] ; December 4 [# 2, 4, 6, 8] ; December 24 [# 1, 5, 9] ; "Stars of Jazz KABC TV Show", Hollywood, California ; January 7, 1957 [# 10, 12] ; New York City ; December 5, 1957 [# 13] ; "The Sound of Jazz CBS TV Show", New York City, December 8, 1957 [# 14]


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