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Gene Norman Presents Frank Morgan

When altoist Frank Morgan recorded his debut as a leader in 1955, he was being hyped as "the new Bird." Unfortunately, he followed in Charlie Parker's footsteps mostly by becoming an irresponsible drug addict. After 30 years passed, he cut his second album and seriously began his successful comeback. This GNP album features Morgan back at the beginning, performing four numbers with Machito's rhythm section and six other songs with a septet that also includes tenor saxophonist Wardell Gray (heard on his final recordings). Trumpeter Conte Candoli is a major asset on both of these boppish dates, while Morgan shows why he was rated so highly at this point in his career.
Scott Yanow

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Frank Morgan
Frank Morgan 
Gene Norman Presents


1 Bernie's Tune (Leiber, Miller, Stoller)  5:30
2 My Old Flame (Coslow, Johnston)  4:40
3 I'll Remember April (DePaul, Johnston, Raye)  4:20
4 Neil's Blues (Morgan)  5:00
5 The Champ (Gillespie)  4:48
6 Chooch (Morgan)  3:30
7 The Nearness of You (Carmichael, Washington)  5:10
8 Whippet (Morgan)  4:25
9 Milt's Tune (Jackson)  4:32
10 Get Happy (Arlen, Koehler)  3:57
11 Cresecendo Blues (Sheldon)  6:04
12 "Huh ! " (Morgan ?)  6:32
13 Autumn Leaves (Kosma, Mercer, Prévert)  3:38
14 Well, You Needn't (Monk)  6:17
15 B.T. (Timmons)  3:58


[# 1-4]
Frank Morgan - as
Conte Candoli - tp
Wild Bill Davis - org
Robert Rodriguez - b
Rafael Miranda - dr & cg
Jose Mangual - bg
Ubaldo Nieto - tmb
Recorded in Los Angeles ; 1955
[# 5-10]
Frank Morgan - as
Conte Candoli - tp
Wardell Gray - ts
Howard Roberts - g
Carl Perkins - p
Leroy Vinnegar - b
Lawrence Marable - dr
Recorded in April 1954
[# 11-15]
Jack Sheldon - tp
Frank Morgan - as
James Clay - ts & fl
Bobby Timmons - p
Jimmy Bond - b
Lawrence Marable - dr
Recorded at "Crescendo Club", Los Angeles, California ; August 11, 1956


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