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Chico Hamilton & Charles Lloyd - Drumfusion & Passin' Thru

During 1955-65, drummer Chico Hamilton led a series of notable quintets. The original Chico Hamilton Quintet was a chamber jazz group with Buddy Collette on reeds, guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Carson Smith, and Fred Katz who ranks among the first fulltime improvising jazz cellists. With Paul Horn and Eric Dolphy eventually succeeding Collette, John Pisano and Dennis Budimir joining on guitar, the non improvising cellist Nathan Gershman taking over Katz’s spot, and several different bassists, the group went through some evolution but was still one of the top West Coast cool jazz chamber bands. In 1960 when Charles Lloyd succeeded Dolphy, he soon persuaded Hamilton to drop the cello and instead add trombone. The new band was more hard bop oriented while looking a bit towards the avant-garde.
This version of the quintet, with Lloyd, guitarist Gabor Szabo, bassist Albert Stinson and either Garnett Brown (Drumfusion) or George Bohanon (Passin’ Thru) on trombone, recorded four albums plus a set of radio transcriptions during 1962-63. The first two albums are reissued in full on this single CD plus an alternate take of “One For Joan.”
The music on these two sessions is really in its own musical category, being melodic yet sometimes free, lyrical yet a bit unpredictable. Lloyd (the musical director who contributed most of the songs) and Szabo were young giants who were already sounding individual, the trombonists fare well, and the rhythm section is quiet and subtle yet driving at times. One can hear the beginnings of the Charles Lloyd Quartet of the late 1960s in this music as well as hints of Hamilton’s chamber jazz days.
This generous twofer is highly recommended, shining light on one of Chico Hamilton’s more unsung groups.
Scott Yanow

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Chico Hamilton
With Charles Lloyd
Passin' Thru


1 One For Joan (Lloyd)  8:10
2 Freedom Traveler (Part I. “Prayer” & II. “Journey”) (Lloyd)  6:17
3 Tales (Lloyd)  5:00
4 Homeward (Lloyd)  6:03
5 A Rose For Booker (Lloyd)  8:01
6 Transfusion (Lloyd)  4:57
7 One For Joan [alternate take] (Lloyd) 2:43
8 Passin’ Thru (Lloyd)  8:16
9 The Second Time Around ()  3:11
10 El Toro (Hamilton, Lloyd)  4:39
11 Transfusion [Version #2] (Lloyd)  2:42
12 Lady Gabor (Szabo)  13:15
13 Lonesome Child (Lloyd)  5:41


[# 1-7] Issued as Drumfusion (Columbia CS8607)
Chico Hamilton - dr
Charles Lloyd - ts & fl
Garnett Brown - tb
Gabor Szabo - g
Albert Stinson - dr
Recorded in New York ; February 19, 1962
[# 8-13] Issued as Passin’ Thru (Impulse AS-29)
Same personnel as above, except George Bohanon (tb) replaces Garnett Brown
Recorded in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; September 18 [# 8-11] ; & September 20 [# 12-13], 1962


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