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A Summer Night with Joe Pass

During the last few years of his life, guitarist Joe Pass enjoyed having reunions with the same musicians who played with him 25 years earlier for the classic For Django recording : rhythm guitarist John Pisano, bassist Jim Hughart and drummer Colin Bailey. This 1989 recording could almost be called For Django 2, for it is the same vein as the original. Pass takes his remake of "For Django" unaccompanied and performs four of Django's tunes, along with five standards from the 1930s and three originals. Pisano, who was instrumental in organizing the session and the repertoire, sticks to acoustic guitar, while Pass alternates between acoustic and electric. Although Joe Pass' main influence was Charlie Christian and he really does not sound like Reinhardt, he manages to evoke the spirit of Django while swinging in his own fashion. It is particularly nice hearing such tunes as "Belleville," the haunting "Tears" and "For Django" in newer versions.
Scott Yanow

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Joe Pass
Summer Nights


1 Summer Night (Dubin, Warren)  4:20
2 Anouman (Reinhardt)  4:40
3 Douce Ambiance (Reinhardt)  4:52
4 For Django (Pass)  3:05
5 D-Joe (Pisano)  3:09
6 I Got Rhythm (Gershwin, Gershwin)  4:41
7 E-Blue Eyes (Pass)  5:38
8 Belleville (Reinhardt)  3:57
9 In My Solitude (DeLange, Ellington, Mills)  3:26
10 Tears (Razao le Viver) (Deodato)  4:48
11 In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington, Kurtz, Mills)  2:51
12 Them There Eyes (Pinkard, Tauber, Tracey)  2:28


Joe Pass - ac & el g
John Pisano - ac g
Jim Hughart - b
Colin Bailey - dr

Recorded at Group IV Recording, Hollywood, California ; December 1989.


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