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Zoot Sims - New Beat Bossa Nova

A great chapter in 60s bossa jazz — Zoot Sims "answer" to Stan Getz's bossa work on Verve — recorded in a similar jazz-meets-bossa style, with some great guitar work by Jim Hall ! Zoot's solos are a bit tighter and not as laidback as Stan's — giving a more jazz-based sound to the work that makes for a nice change — and most of the tunes feature larger backings from Manny Albam and Al Cohn — never too over-arranged, but with enough of a full swinging sound to set things right. Hall's guitar works surprisingly well in the setting...
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Zoot Sims
New Beat Bossa Nova
Means the Samba Swings


1 Recado Bossa Nova (Part. 1) (Antonio, Ferreira)  2:37
2 Recado Bossa Nova (Part. 2) (Antonio, Ferreira)  3:00
3 Cano Canoe (Micheyl)  5:39
4 Cantando A Orquestra (Lyra)  4:10
5 Ciume (Lyra)  4:15
6 María Ninguém (Lyra)  2:40
7 Sem Saudades De Vocé (Lyra)  6:04
8 Barquinho De Papel (Lyra)  2:53


Zoot Sims - ts
Spencer Sinatra - fl
Ron Odrich - fl & cl
Phil Woods - cl, as
Gene Quill - as & cl
Jim Hall - g
Kenny Burrell - g
Art Davis - b
Sol Gubin - dr
Ted Sommer & Willie Rodriguez - perc

Recorded in New York ; August 28, 1962


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