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Zoot Sims - New Beat Bossa Nova, vol. 2

An overlooked chapter in American bossa jazz of the 60s — recordings that weren't nearly as well-circulated as the Stan Getz bossa nova albums on Verve, but which have an equally special sort of sparkle ! The arrangements here are by Manny Albam and Al Cohn — who both bring an earlier sense of large jazz charts into play with the tighter rhythms of the bossa — at a level that makes things explode nicely with a sense of color, while still keeping the groove light overall ! Zoot Sims sounds great in the setting — which opens up with that great mouthy sound he brought to tenor — a voice that's nicely earthy at times, but which still has the right lyricism to match the music. Other players include a quartet of flutes, with Phil Bodner — plus Jim Hall and Barry Galbraith on guitars, and Milt Hinton on bass...
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Zoot Sims
New Beat Bossa Nova, vol. 2
Means the Samba Swings


1 Cancion de Bernardito (Bernie’s Tune) (Leiber, Miller, Stoller)  3:02
2 Poquito Cantando (Costa)  2:34
3 Piez Danzantes (Tickle Toe) (Young)  2:41
4 Camino Solitario (Lonesome Road) (Austin, Shilkret)  4:24
5 Samba Instantanea (Instant Samba) (Costa)  2:28
6 Llamaron El Viento Maria (They Call The Wind Maria) (Lerner, Loewe)  2:59
7 Querido Retorna a Mi (Lover Come Back To Me) (Romberg, Hammerstein)  5:04
8 Hijo de la Naturaleza (Nature Boy) (Ahbez)  3:06
9 Buscando la Luna (Reaching For The Moon) (Berlin)  2:54
10 No Juegues con El Amor (Don’t Fool With Love) (Lebowsky, Lehmann)  3:19


Spencer Sinatra, Ron Odrich, Jerry Sanfino, Phil Bodner - fl & cl
Sol Schlinger - cl
Jim Hall - g
Barry Galbraith - g
Milt Hinton - b
Willie Rodriguez, Sol Gubin, Tommy López, Ted Sommer - perc

Recorded in New York ; November 1962


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