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The Sumptuous Johnny Smith's Guitar & Strings

A very special album from Johnny Smith — one of the few to feature his sublime guitar sound amidst a larger string setting — which only seems to emphasize the moodier, darker tones of his instrument ! The album's a lot like his My Dear Little Sweetheart set — and, like that one, it features help from conductor Irv Kostal, as well as violinist Gene Orloff — both artists with the right sort of subtle, understated approach to make sure that Johnny's six strings never get lost in the larger swirl ! Most tunes are very slow-moving, which allows us to hear that Smith guitar magic in full relief — that special way that Johnny had of choosing just the right notes and colors, in just the right way... [A sumptuous recording...]
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Johnny Smith
Guitar & Strings


1 The Things We Did Last Summer (Styne, Cahn)  3:50
2 The Inch Worm (Loesser)  4:00
3 Yesterdays (Kern, Harbach)  3:51
4 What Is There To Say (Duke, Harburg)  3:32
5 Stormy Weather (Arlen, Koehler)  2:47
6 Where Or When (Rodgers, Hart)  3:16
7 Have You Forgotten So Soon (Heyman, Coslow, Silver)  3:47
8 Golden Earrings (Livingston Young, Evans)  3:35
9 Deep Purple (DeRose, Parish)  4:12


Gene Orloff, Arnold Eidus, Leo Kruczek, George Ockner, and other - vl
Ralph Hersch, Al Brown, Izadore Zir, George Brown - vla
Charles McCracken, Maurice Bialkin, Harvey Shapiro, Morris Stonzek - cel
Johnny Smith - g
Barry Galbraith - g
George Duvivier -
Don Lamond or Sol Gubin - dr

Recorded in 1960

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Jazz Padd said...

Thank you! One of my favorite axemen! Never heard this album.

alfred venison said...

thank you. -a.v.

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Pet said...

I'd love to hear this album as it's probably the last JS album I haven't heard (not being either on the "Complete small group recordings" set or at Spotify, etc) but recently the files DL'd here have stopped working on my Mac - I get "StuffIt Engine was unable to determine the file format", but I'm prepared to live with that as some stuff isn't supposed to work on my boosted old Mac anyway. At this conjecture I might as well thank you for the years of great music shared - especially the Johnny Smith box set comes to mind! I'll keep checking the site for now and trying if future downloads might still work. Also, I might of course switch to other equipment at some point. But right now - thanks for all.

tesl424 said...

Dear Melanchthon. Have you changed the password? I've DLed the files three times and the usual password isn't working. Could you please let me/us know? Thanks for your wonderful share!

Melanchthon said...

Absolutely, this is a special share, with a special pass : try FUCKRUSKAVAL666

zoltanzylox said...

Heh! Thanks Mel!

Danny Lee said...

isn't ruskaval another jazz blog? LOL

deGallo said...

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Kovina Kris said...

Absolutely tickled to get this Johnny Smith that I don't have. Thank you for this and for everything you do.

flyra said...

Unfortunately it's not the first time that ruskaval has been in the middle of this kind of controversy! I've seen the same 'password' (of course not literally) before, in other blogs!
But I got distracted - thanks for a wonderful post!

adakun said...

Gracias y Gracias Mel por ofrecernos música con mayusculas, la pista 06 ''Where Or When'' es simplemente magistral, un disco increiblemente ejecutado por Johnny Smith.

Blue Eyes said...

SUMPTUOUS! superb arrangements, Love it! thnank you very much Mel for this new Japanese release, you made my day!

P.S: and yes, your pass is well chosen!

"Sic Vos Non Vorbis" sit mihi lux
Vade retro satana (and other mafioso on the Net!)
Glory to you
Amen. ;)

Cri said...

cool, well done, Mel ... Cri

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alfred venison said...

thank you: you're the greatest! fuck ruskaval. -a.v.

Anonymous said...

Fuck RUSKAVAL indeed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much (....ruskaval!)

lucky5 said...

Thanks a lot, Mel!

Sandflyer said...

Right. Many thanks for this.
"Thanks to the unknown original uploader". It seems to happen a lot.

Scoredaddy said...

thank you

Fred Archtop said...

Thanks a lot Mel.

peskypesky said...

Nobody else getting errors when they try to open the file?? I've tried downloading three times and each time I get an error.

flyingfinger said...

Very amazing - I bought a stereo version (vinyl) of this a few years back, pretty much gave up on finding a cd - but here it is - Huge thanks Mel!!

jazzcat1228 said...

Another great share! Thank you, Mel!

Pedro del Castillo Alonso said...

Thank you very much Mel!

duck said...

Hi Mel,
Another great post and I am quite happy with the change of password.
Thanks for all

David Federman said...

OMG, this is such a beautiful album. I wish everyone I knew could hear it and be as soothed as I am now. Thank you for this share. It was one of the hardest albums by Smith to find and now it's available to anyone who knows about this secret cove.

otokoume said...

That's a great pass! Thanks for the share, Mel.

Pet said...

Yay, I solved my former problem with BetterZip! If other Mac users are having problems unzipping the files linked on this site, check BetterZip.
So, thanks for this album.

Adrian said...

Thanks a lot for the album.
I agree completely with the password.
The only solution is to put to index the site where Rushaval is publishing stolen materials.