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Tal Farlow on Verve (1951-1959)

Tal Farlow, was an innovative self-taught jazz guitarist who influenced generations of guitarists following in his footsteps. Although some of his peak years as a recording artist occurred during his association with Verve between 1954 and 1959, relatively few of the tracks were available for decades until the release of this comprehensive Mosaic box set. The music is consistently brilliant, as the leader's solos seem to evolve effortlessly, often finding fresh ground in the many standards and classic jazz compositions performed in this set. Aside from the three opening tracks from Farlow's days as a member of vibraphonist Red Norvo's trio, the guitarist is the leader. His meeting with fellow guitarist Barry Galbraith (with bassist Oscar Pettiford and a surprisingly restrained Joe Morello on drums) is highlighted by his intricate original "Gibson Boy." The sessions with pianist Gerry Wiggins, bassist Ray Brown, and drummer Chico Hamilton focus primarily on standards, though "And She Remembers Me" is an obvious reworking of "I'll Remember April" ; the rapid-fire take of "Cherokee" takes top honors. Two separate dates with pianist Claude Williamson and bassist Red Mitchell (one which adds drummer Stan Levey) stick exclusively to standards, with plenty of lively interplay. Two sessions with West Coast stylists including valve trombonist Bob Enevoldsen, tenor saxophonist Bill Perkins, and baritone saxophonist Bob Gordon complement Farlow's sound very well. It is surprising that producer Norman Granz did not initially release a unique date with Oscar Pettiford (on cello) as a second front-line instrument, with the outstanding rhythm section of Hank Jones, Ray Brown, and Louie Bellson. Highlights from this meeting include the cellist's "Swingin' Till the Girls Come Home," "Jordu," and two takes of "Bernie's Tune." A regular working trio led by Farlow with pianist Eddie Costa (who died far too young following a car wreck in 1962) and bassist Vinnie Burke produced three separate albums (with Knobby Totah or Bill Takas taking Burke's place on the final session). The chemistry between Farlow and Costa is readily apparent. Another musician who died far too young, Belgian flutist and tenor saxophonist Bobby Jaspar, joined the guitarist, bassist Milt Hinton, and drummer Osie Johnson for three numbers featuring Farlow on an acoustic instrument for the first time, producing the kind of jazz that only true aficionados can appreciate. A larger group with saxophonist and flutist Frank Wess, trombonist Benny Powell, pianist Dick Hyman, and baritone saxophonist Charles Fowlkes delves into the music of Harold Arlen, including several long overlooked songs composed for the musical Saratoga along with some of his best-known works, though at times their unfamiliarity with some of the tunes and each other is apparent. The detailed booklet contains many rare photos of Farlow and the men who worked with him, along with an informative analysis by fellow guitarist Howard Alden. This limited-edition collection should be on every jazz guitar fan's wish list.
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Source :

Tal Farlow
The Complete Verve Sessions


Cd. 1

1 Tenderly (Gross, Lawrence)  2:49
2 I Remember You (Schertszinger, Mercer)  3:23
3 Skylark (Carmichael, Mercer)  3:15
4 If There’s Someone Lovelier Than You (Schwartz, Deitz) 2:42
5 With the Wind and The Rain in Your Hair [10” LP take] (Edwards, Lawrence) 2:59
6 My Old Flame (Johnston, Coslow) 3:33
7 Gibson Boy (Farlow) 2:43
8 You and The Night and The Music (Schwartz, Deitz) 3:40
9 Love Nest (Hirsch, Harbach) 2:42
10 Blues in The Closet (Pettiford) 2:48
11 Everything I’ve Got (Rodgers, Hart) 3:27
12 With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair [12” LP take] (Edwards, Lawrence)  3:00
13 Everything I’ve Got [alt. take] (Rodgers, Hart)  3:27
14 I Like to Recognize The Tune (Rodgers, Hart)  3:09
15 Strike Up the Band (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:25
16 Autumn in New York (Duke)  5:03
17 And She Remembers Me (Farlow)  4:22
18 Little Girl Blue (Rodgers, Hart)  3:22
19 Have You Met Miss Jones ? (Rodgers, Hart)  4:56
20 Tal’s Blues (Farlow)  5:09
21 Cherokee (Noble)  4:51


Cd. 2

1 These Foolish Things (Strachey, Marvell, Link)  2:51
2 I Remember You (Schertzing, Mercer)  4:13
3 How Deep is The Ocean (Berlin)  3:58
4 Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:49
5 Manhattan (Rodgers, Hart)  3:16
6 Autumn Leaves (Prévert, Kosma, Mercer)  1:41
7 It’s You or no One (Styne, Cahn)  3:26
8 Tenderly (Gross, Lawrence)  4:34
9 There Will Never Be Another You (Gordon, Warren)  3:46
10 Just one of Those Things (Porter)  3:01
11 Out of Nowhere (Green, Heyman)  5:27
12 Walkin’ (Carpenter)  5:26
13 Moonlight Becomes You (Burke, Van Heusen)  4:23
14 On The Alamo (Jones, Kahn)  4:07
15 Will You Still Be Mine (Dennis, Adair)  4:00
16 Lorinesque (Farlow)  4:15
17 Bye Bye Baby (Styne, Robin)  4:07


Cd. 3

1 Lullaby of The Leaves (Petkere, Young)  3:45
2 Stompin’ At The Savoy (Sampson, Webb, Razaf, Goodman)  3:15
3 This is Always (Warren, Gordon)  3:04
4 Tea for Two (Youmans, Caesar)  2:55
5 I Wished on The Moon (Rainger, Parker)  7:07
6 Swingin’ Till the Girls Come Home (Pettiford)  6:45
7 Jordu (Jordan)  5:35
8 The Way You Look Tonight (Fields, Kern)  4:40
9 Bernie’s Tune (Miller)  8:34
10 I Wished on The Moon [alt. take] (Rainger, Parker)  7:06
11 Bernie’s Tune [alt. take] (Miller)  8:37


Cd. 4

1 Taking A Chance on Love (Duke, Fetter, Latouche)  4:42
2 Yardbird Suite (Parker)  5:15
3 You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Brown, Kahn)  5:40
4 They Can’t Take that Away from Me (Gershwin, Gershwin)  5:42
5 Like Someone in Love (Burke, Van Heusen)  6:38
6 Meteor (Farlow)  6:36
7 I Love You (Porter)  5:31
8 Gone With the Wind (Wrubel, Magidson)  5:19
9 Taking A Chance on Love [alt. take] (Duke, Fetter, Latouche)  4:46
10 Yardbird Suite [alt. take] (Parker)  4:49
11 Gone With the Wind [alt. take] (Wrubel, Magidson)  5:25
12 Taking A Chance on Love [breakdown] (Duke, Fetter, Latouche)  1:06


Cd. 5

1 Isn’t it Romantic (Rodgers, Hart)  10:08
2 (There Is) No Greater Love (Jones, Symes)  3:55
3 How About You ? (Lane, Freed)  6:01
4 Anything Goes (Porter)  5:08
5 Yesterdays (Kern, Harbach)  5:51
6 You Don’t Know What Love is (Raye, DePaul)  4:19
7 Chuckles (Terry)  4:56
8 Broadway (Woode, McRae, Bird)  6:16


Cd. 6

1 Lean on Me (Greene, Waldman)  4:10
2 Wonder Why (Brodszky, Cahn)  4:51
3 Night And Day (Porter)  4:20
4 Stella by Starlight (Young, Washington)  3:32
5 The More I See You (Warren, Gordon)  4:49
6 All The Things You Are (Kern, Hammerstein)  4:22
7 How Long Has this Been Going On ? (Gershwin, Gershwin)  4:12
8 Topsy (Durham)  3:37
9 'Deed I Do (Hirsch, Rose)  3:27
10 We’ll Be Together Again (Fischer, Laine)  3:23
11 We’ll Be Together Again [alt. 1] (Fischer, Laine)  4:30
12 We’ll Be Together Again [alt. 2] (Fischer, Laine)  3:18
13 The More I See You [breakdowns] (Warren, Gordon)  3:53
14 ‘Deed I Do [breakdowns] (Hirsch, Rose)  5:24
15 We’ll Be Together Again [breakdowns] (Fischer, Laine)  2:00


Cd. 7

1 A Foggy Day (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:21
2 The Man in My Life (Arlen, Mercer)  4:45
3 Sweet Lorraine (Burwell, Parish)  5:26
4 Wess Side (Wess)  4:36
5 Telefunky (Farlow)  6:26
6 Blue Funk (Williams)  7:39
7 Saratoga (Arlen, Mercer)  5:13
8 Blues in The Night (Arlen, Mercer)  6:47
9 Hit The Road to Dreamland (Arlen, Mercer)  4:54
10 For Every Man There’s a Woman (Arlen, Robin)  4:22
11 As Long as I Live (Arlen, Koehler)  6:31
12 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Arlen, Koehler)  3:05
13 Petticoat High (Arlen, Mercer)  4:40
14 One Step – Two Step (Arlen, Mercer)  3:09
15 Lessons in Love (Arlen, Mercer)  3:11


[Cd. 1, # 1]
Red Norvo - vb
Tal Farlow - g
Red Mitchell - b
Recorded in Los Angles ; July 1, 1952
[Cd. 1, # 2-3]
Same personnel as above
Recorded in Los Angeles ; October 16, 1951
[Cd. 1, # 4-13]
Tal Farlow - g
Barry Galbraith - g
Oscar Pettiford - b
Joe Morello - dr
Recorded at Fine Sound, New York City ; June 2, 1954
[Cd. 1, # 14-21]
Tal Farlow - g
Gerald Wiggins - p
Ray Brown - b
Chico Hamilton - dr
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Los Angeles ; November 15 & 16, 1954
[Cd. 2, # 1-10]
Tal Farlow - g
Claude Williamson - p
Red Mitchell - b
Stan Levey - dr
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Los Angeles ; January 17, 1955
[Cd. 2, # 12, 14 & 15]
Bob Enevoldsen - v & tb
Bill Perkins - ts
Bob Gordon - bs
Tal Farlow - g
Monte Budwig - b
Larance Marable - dr
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Los Angeles ; May 3, 1955
[Cd. 2, # 11, 13, 16 & 17]
Same as above
Recorded same place as above ; May 4, 1955
[Cd. 3, # 1-4]
Tal Farlow - g
Claude Williamson - p
Red Mitchell - b
Recorded same place as above ; April 25, 1955
[Cd. 3, # 5-11]
Tal Farlow - g
Hank Jones - p
Oscar Pettiford - cel
Ray Brown - b
Henry Bellson - dr
Recorded at Fine Sound, New York City ; February 11, 1956
[Cd. 4]
Tal Farlow - g
Eddie Costa - p
Vinnie Burke - b
Recorded at Fine Sound, New York City ; May 31,1956
[Cd. 5]
Same as above
Recorded same place as above ; June 5, 1956
[Cd. 6, # 1-4]
Tal Farlow - g
Eddie Costa - p
Knobby Totah - b
Jimmy Campbell - dr
Recorded at WOR Studios, New York City ; February 17, 1958
[Cd. 6, # 5-15]
Same as above, except Bill Takas - b, replaces Knobby Totah
Recorded at WOR Studios, New York City ; February 18, 1958
[Cd. 7, # 10, 13 & 14]
Benny Powell - tb
Frank Wess - fl, as & ts
Charlie Fowlkes - bs
Tal Farlow - g
Dick Hyman - p
Wendell Marshall - b
Osie Johnson - dr
Recorded in New York ; December 15 & 16, 1959
[Cd. 7, # 2, 4, 8, 11 & 12]
Same sessions as above, except omit Powell and Fowkles
[Cd. 7, # 6, 7, 9 & 15]
Same sessions, except Joe Benjamin - b, replaces Wendell Marshall
[Cd. 7, # 1, 3 & 5]
Bobby Jaspar - ts & fl
Tal Farlow - g
Milt Hinton - b
Osie Johnson - dr
Recorded in New York ; December 15 & 16, 1959


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