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Sonny Stitt Swings The Most

There's no argument from us because Sonny Stitt really does swing the most — but even more than that, what really matters to us is his amazing sense of tone, timing, and execution ! The album's a near perfect example of a saxophone master at his height — a set that features Sonny blowing alongside the LA trio of Mel Lewis on drums, Lou Levy on piano, and Leroy Vinnegar on bass but hitting all the tunes with a powerful, professional approach that makes us know he'd sound this great, no matter what the setting. The tunes are wonderfully understated, but offer up a casebook example of just how great jazz soloing can be when it's handled this well — never overdone or overblown, with notes that are improvised, but fall into place magically — as if they always knew where to belong in the first place ! Titles include "Jaunty", "The Lonesome Road", "The Way You Look Tonight", "Blue Sunday", and "That's The Way To Be", with a tiny bit of vocal by Stitt !
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Sonny Stitt
Swings The Most


1 Lonesome Road (Austin, Shilkret)  4:04
2 The Gypy (Reid)  4:03
3 That's the Way to Be (Stitt)  2:08
4 There Is No Greater Love (Jones, Symes)  5:02
6 Blue Sunday (Stitt)  5:11
5 Jaunty (Sonny Stitt)  3:24
7 The Way You Look Tonight (Fields, Kern)  5:00


[# 1, 2, 4-6]
Sonny Stitt - as
Lou Levy - p
Leroy Vinnegar - b
Mel Lewis - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; December 21 & 23, 1959
[# 3 & 7]
Sonny Stitt - as, ts & vcl
Amos Trice - p
George Morrow - b
Lenny McBrowne - dr
Recorded in New York City ; February 9, 1959

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