Thursday, June 8, 2017

Paul Bley - Touching

Throughout the sixties Paul Bley explored the possibilities of trio improvisation. First he was the pianist in Jimmy Giuffre's drummerless three-piece ensemble (which also included bass player Steve Swallow). Then, in his own trios he found both the players and the material to meet his aims sympathetically, as well as to spur him ever onward. Drummer Barry Altschul in particular is perfectly matched to Bley, and worked with him regularly in the mid-'60s.
These sessions were recorded in Copenhagen in 1965 (with one track recorded live in Holland the following year). The compositions are by Paul or by Carla Bley. This time, however, there was a third writer, Annette Peacock. Besides becoming his second wife (she was married to bassist Gary Peacock in 1960), she became one of his main composers. Her fractured and haunting melodicism was a perfect vehicle for Bley and he was to revisit selections over the following decades. Touching is an excellent example of Paul Bley's '60s trio work.

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Paul Bley


1 Start (Bley)  8:19
2 Cartoon (Peacock)  6:44
3 Touching (Peacock)  8:08
4 Mazatalan (Bley)  5:18
5 Both (Peacock)  4:25
6 Pablo (Bley)  5:49
7 Closer (Bley)  5:03
8 Blood (Peacock)  18:47


[# 1-7]
Paul Bley - p
Kent Carter - b
Barry Altschul - dr
Recorded in Copenhagen ; November 5, 1965
[# 8]
Same as above, except
Mark Levinson - b, replaces Altschul
Recorded in Haarlem, Holland ; November 4, 1966


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