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Moe Koffman - The Shepherd Swings Again

Canadian flutist Moe Koffman was delighted to have a hit on his hands after the success of his "The Swingin' Shepherd Blues," so this Jubilee LP became his immediate follow-up album. Joined by guitarist Ed Bickert, bassist Hugh Currie and drummer Ron Rully, Koffman wrote five new originals for this record, including the light and breezy "Flute Salad" and the hip swinger "Marty's Morgue." He also adds an easygoing take of Sonny Rollins' "Doxy," and a hard bop (with traces of funk in its introduction) arrangement of the standard "Alone Together." Koffman switches to alto sax for his intricate "Bermuda Schwartz" (which features a fine solo by Bickert and a few drum breaks), as well as on Rully's exotic composition "What Can You Do ?" Long out of print, consider this LP to be extremely rare.
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Moe Koffman
The "Shepherd" Swings Again


1 Flute Salad (Koffman)  3:51
2 Marty's Morgue (Koffman)  3:21
3 Doxy (Rollins)  3:39
4 Alone Together (Dietz, Schwartz)  4:00
5 Bermuda Schwarz (Koffman)  3:45
6 What Can You Do ? (Rully)  3:52
7 Cloud Nine (Koffman)  3:22
8 Sure It is (Koffman)  3:29


Moe Koffman - fl [# 1-4] & as [# 5-8]
Ed Bickert - g
Hugh Currie - b
Ron Rully - dr

Recorded March 24, 1958


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